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Saturday, March 9, 2013

NIGERIA - development of domestic economy by forcing foreign companies not only to import their goods

Author thomas ramseyer
NIGERIA to CUT PEG of Bonny light to Brent. 
Remedy here is Nigerians' cutting the peg to brent oil - traded far off Nigeria  - and trading bonny light solely as Bonny light (NO peg/tag to Brent anymore)


Bonny light has absolutly nothing to do with Brent - running out oil upstreamed off shore Norway and the UK - but for the chemical composition.

Nigerian Bonny light has never changed hands on a regular basis since the price spread to the disadvantage of brent has emerged - roughly two years
Bonny light oil contracts state oil being sold at Brent prices on delivery vs payment to prices then applicable. What a joke. Nobody will ever buy bonny again if and when traded at manipulated Brent Oil prices somewhere in the United States USD 10 to USD 20 above West Texas Intermediate (WTI).

Arabs - Saudi Arabia - desperatly need fresh cash to not get bust - Nigeria to quit OPEC

As the Arabs desperatly are in the need of cashflow - Arab countries on average are bust - e.g. Dubai was to become financially extinct after 2007 crash provoked by the US-American Federal Reserve System (Fed) upon sharply augmenting the short term interest rates (fed funds) from some 1.5% to more than 4%.

All european countries followed because of
relative foreign exchange rate levels. Thus trying to keep foreign exchange rates stable. Those CENTRAL bank activities were the trigger for starting the depression. First mortgage backed securities caved in then all other Special Purpose Vehicles and other three letter poisonous papers.

1) remove peg of bonny light to brent

2) trade bonny light at commodity boards of trade in NIGERIA, first oil, all other world wide demanded resources as well. (there is at least one material almost solely found in Nigeria)

3) Invent Steel cookers in the north.

4) Invent reorganized meat production in the north

5) emphasize vegetable production in the north

6) train Nigerian people to use vegetables as nutrition (I know that Nigerian Goodluck admin is able to roll out plans and task in a didactic and dialectic very advanced taylor made way through television (see rolling out of plan for developing Nigerian domestic economy providing jobs, money, consumption, more jobs, founding of small businesses and building infrastructure

7) start programme as to attract northern hemispherians - small and middle sized companies (3 to 250 employees) to start joint ventures with Nigerians.

8) As far as I know in Nigeria almost NO money at all has to be deposited (in Switzerland prohibitively crowding out for tax reasons CHF 100'000 capital to start. Main reason for this policy also is the lobbying of numerous banks and bankers so to empowered to controll small start-ups because of credit facilities granted to the latters. Also they want to have substantial stakes in shareholder capital, for eating the money when going public.

Dumb ignorant and greedy politicians are supporting such acitivities because of their strong will to stay on seat. (sophisticated way of blackmail/bribe combination). Other even dumber politicians follow them for whatever weird reasons.

9) Force Carsellers from abroad such as Peugeot, VW, Ford, JAG, Tata to build infrastructure and transfer knowledge, sciencs experienced know-how and skills for free to subshara africa, focus Nigeria because of the high potential this country is disposing of.

10) Because northerners actually do not want to invest in Westafrica as Nigerian government does not want to invest in Europe and other north hemispherian countries. (This being very shortsighted and also showing widely spread ignorance among politicians and officials of all levels and sorts.

11) For the afore-said reason (419, advanced fee fraud) no investment - upfront money believed to be compulsory upon establishing a firm. Nigerian administration's opinion - right after all - forbids investing abroad because of job-travelling to europe and other northern countries.

13) when it comes to financing tasks in Nigeria, the government does and cannot step in. But it is easy, just tap the citizens (not by levying taxes (riots because of NGN 140 for one litre at the filling station) by having them become shareholders to a company fully owned by them. Compulsorily NO BANK CREDIT allowed at all for the reason of excessive rates.  This for having such companies - only purpose building infrastructure - be and stay NOT vulnerable to further interest rate shifts provoked by banks reacting to some lousy central banker's activities kicked off in the US.

14) Start all companies with a "flat" balance sheet.

15) Sell shares - paperftrail compulsory - to the citizens all over the country - for USD 10.-- (suffering because of skipping 5 squaremeals per month - with the only purpose of buying certain shares of infrastructure building firms (e.g. Petroplus for getting access to the board of directors by swapping the actual ones for at least one smart quickwitted nigerian. later stage bringing infrastructure (huge advantage when cutting bonny light's peg to brent, they will want to come down to nigeria to produce and sell - two journey (bonny to the US, derivates to Nigeria, jobs in the US, fat bonuses and arrogant traders' salaries at CBOT and a lot of other oil trading firms while tankers are on their ways.) upon progress of the infrastructure build or procuction kicking off. 


People taking over the financing is not a dream. Imagine 80 Million Nigerians - Senators, other officials, commissioners, chiefs and the sort included - from ALL over the country (no blackmail and fat envelopes to be deeppocketed) buy shares for USD 10 each. The calculus is easy: they raise USD 800 Million within a fraction of a trimester. Multliply by 20, 50, 100: it is amazing. The power is at the fingertips of the people, the people in the streets. Only thing, they did not yet realize.

copyright  thomas ramseyer