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Monday, March 11, 2013

NIGERIA - letter to Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, Director-General, Debt Management Office (DMO), Garki Abuja

Thomas Ramseyer
Spycherweg 7
CH-8155 Niederhasli

Dr. Abraham Nwankwo
Head Office
NDIC Building (1st Floor),
Plot 447/448 Constitution Avenue,
Central Business District,
P.M.B. 532, Garki Abuja

Niederhasli/Ibadan, March 11, 2013

Debt Management
Your honour
Dear Sir,
Dear Mr. Nwankwo
March 5, 2013's The Nation article "Nigeria's external debt hits USD 6.5 Billion, domestic NGN 6.5 Trillion (value roughly USD 38.0 Billion" drew my attention to a problem which we solved at my former employer, a worldwidely operating insurance company, in the eighties regarding cashflow as well as liquidity management with horizon of 20 years. Based on ideas due to my 6 years' experience - I started my activity at ZFS in 1977 - we developped a software meant to manage all in- and liquidity outflows with a time horizon up to 12 months rolling forward showing our needs on a daily basis as well on a cumulative basis.

The software allowed to show what sources the liquidity was derived from as well as to which sources they were allocated to.

Given my practical as well as intellectual experience in the finance sector of more than thirty years - management of debt obligations, management of bond portfolios, management of cash as well as liquidity management, foreign exchange and stock exchange - I believe to be the right person to share my knowledge with the Debt Management Office of Nigeria.

I am looking forward to your affirmative answer.

Truly, yours

Thomas Ramseyer