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Monday, October 17, 2011

Development of domestic economy in southern hemisphere - Fight Hunger and Starvation: Catalogue of actions to be taken

Author Thomas Ramseyer
To fight hunger and starvation on the southern hemispere urgently invent a programme such as below

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Things of urgent importance
0) protect local production
Only import goods which cannot be produced locally

1) ban bulk water trading
ban Investment funds based on nutrition, plants and fuel.

2) ban renting arable land abroad
[foreigners rent the best soil in Africa (Kenya and Westafrica) and export food and flowers from under the noses of the starving population] Same with fish; only the fishheads are left for the population.

3) train farmers by transferring 
skills and knowledge for free abroad to get more out of their soil

4) teach farmers about storage and stock
have farmers build silos as to keep harvests for later sale or later use

5) Explain influence of option and futures market
teach native farmers as to how the future market is working thus enabling them to sell part of their crop in advance

6) One season crop to be banned
ban monsanto and other technical crop which is not able to germinate again

7) Farmers must avoid being ripped off
have farmers abroad work along the whole production channel. grow crop, harvest, trade it without wholesale foreigners keeping them ignorant just for ripping them off.

8) Fighting hunger and starvation is a 24-hours battle
Support the fight against hunger with the same emphasis all the time, every day, week, every year, all the years and decades ahead, never stop !!

9) Keep focused on starving regions lacking striking daily
meaning that not only when there is a catastrophy like reported in pakistan right now. the crisis there is all the time. in some regions the groundwater becomes salty thus making the living impossible on such soil.

10) Do not spoil locals by delivery of food
Instead of sending cheap food not needed overhere to people in need train them to grow their own traditional crop. Otherwise they are going to forget about their native plants as it happened in Egypt

11) USA officials mouthes are too wide
Be aware that it is not only the US that may help. The senat's realistic goals never are to help other countries' people. the only thing they really are interested in is to fill their own pockets. they palaver a lot, making a lot of noise (see haiti) then nothing is to be heard again. The billions being talked of are available but they never are to be used. Money does not rebuild a country. the people are doing this. So teach the locals as to how rebuild their countries. Train them do not just let them pick, shovel and carry sacks and the sort of things. By the way . . .   what does a warship putting its anchors down nearby that wrecked island help the starving people? NOTHING! Those soldiers are trained to kill, not to rescue foreign people on highscale. They just are good for nothing.

12) Have supporters send in skilled people to reconstruct by also instructing locals
send in people which help to reconstruct, set the right priority. some medecins lingering about abroad to vaccinate the people for expensive money back home do not really help; they just take advantage of the situation and sort of train themselves in the field, costly but not very efficient. there hands, hearts and minds being to stiff for doing the real thing they should give way for the craftsmen to move in. Medecins shall train local people just to help to vaccinate this being very helpful for the betterment of people's health.

13) No deceiving wanted by donnation-collectors
ban all those boasters bluffing with their millions gathered from the people soothing their minds. roughly 60% of the money collected stays right there with them. they need 60 dollars to raise another 100. Out of the remaining 40 only 5 dollars make it to the ones in real need. all other dollars are needed to pay salaries and accomodation for the helpers abroad. That money never travels to the country in despare it just stays in its homecountry creating jobs.

Everything else is just treatment of the small cuts. Answering a catastrophy is never preventing the next. Be proactive not only when being kicked by some event.