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Monday, October 17, 2011


Author Thomas Ramseyer
Every single person shall be interested in the development of autarchy in southern countries by granting free education

Combined training centers
Invent combined integrative education for immigrants of any migration status in a center of any kind: topic: information technology combined with guest country's lifestyle, know-how and skills FOR FREE so that asylum seekers can profit and transfer those abilities to their native lands.

topics IT
Skype (free calls to save CHF 10'000s yearly, some of them calling for a sum of some CHF 300 to CHF 500 to get hold of their kinfolks back home in Westafrica)) 

Motivation because of immediate financial return will have foreign residents in Switzerland boost IT-Knowledge, IT-Markets, IT-Schools, IT-Maintenance (Jobs) thus the whole domestic economy of home countries.

Browsing thus Information gathering, information spreading, blogging, e:mail

Microsoft Office
Excel (bookkeeping small biz), Word (the state of the art letters to be physically sent)
Power point (for presentations in public), access is needed only at a later stage if any. 

History and Lifestile of the guest country
first aid, handycraft (everybody is capable to do much  more than he thinks the borders being much farther then ever thought when it comes to skills). Switzerland's history will have foreigners realize that Switzerland some 150 years ago was almost on the same level as African Countries. E.g. 5 children on average in Nigeria in 2011; in Switzerland 7 children 1900 -  90% farmers presently in Nigeria; in Switzerland 90 % in 1900. 

Swiss economy's transformation from a farmers' country to a tripple sector economy can be repeated by African countries even in a shorter lapse of time because all modern structure already is in existance. E.g. center of Lagos, Main capital Abuja. In fact Nigeria has double

Training for potential returners
Arrange with small and middle size firm to have one or two guys from abroad to get adequate training on the job (they do not need to last for 4 years finishing by having a certificate of capability this being only needed for europeans and other northerners because without it they remain jobless or get jobs at inferiour levels, getting half the pay than certified blokes. 

This will accelerate Asylum Processus of the Guest Country. Small business implemented in the home countries as well as handing down knowledge will diminish migration due to amerliorating domestic economy.

Refinancing by inventing mikroshareholdercompanies - people's capitalism 

Financing development activities
Take back the rains from the paralized opposing politicians at home countries , heading for PATT-results this meaning no achievment. Access presidents and parliaments by the means of lobbying. Homeland politicians (with low profiles and too devote and selfconcerned) do not or even do not really want to achieve. Some of them only are sitting in the senat to put particular interest's pressure on the president. 

The US are too selfconcerned thus any help granted I consider a token only. Also the ones to be supported have to wait for almost eternally. Some carriers on sea do not really help. Other nations use to move in with all their staff, equipment and even material to leave the country upon completion.

Emphasize the help on doing it on a private basis while tackling the administration parallellely. Don't forget, remember: the northerners lead by the demanding US - the latter being desperate situtation regarding finance and infrastructure - have their own problems to be solved. E.g. America's middleclass in the street, growthrate 3.5 % with almost NO job creation, being responsible for the Golf of Mexio oil spill, war in Afghanistan, Irak, the next to be Iran CIA activity to turn things heals over head.

SO DO NOT WAIT! Just start it.

copyright thomas ramseyer