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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

facebook - spying out existing networks?

author thomas ramseyer 
weird action taken by facebook - preventing people from becoming acquainted with others - mature people can decide themselves; they just may delete a request or accept it. Facebook is not really what it pretends to be; for sure it is not meant to make friends. people do not have to look for friends they already know.

otherwise the only goal of Facebook is to spy on existing friendships and acquaintances for marketing or even weirder reasons. FACEBOOK's real purpose is to reflect existing networks, who knows for whom Zuckerberg does this. he seems not to be independent anymore. the pioneer has become a technocrat

You've been blocked from sending friend requests temporarily because multiple people you sent friend requests to indicated that they don't know you. Learn more.

Please let us know why you've sent friend requests to people who don't know you:
(For requests sent in the past six months)

The only thing I can tell you is that this socalled social network is two by four. Why do you prevent me from becoming friends with people. It is my strong belief that it is never Facebook deciding who is asking who to become friends. Everybody is adult enough to decide for themselves. I suggest you stopping with that infantile behaveour of yours. Otherwise your thing is going to get a somewhat weird reputation. Also I want to inform you that it will be easy - once the right people are going to cope with that problem of yours - to set up a thing similar to yours. You for sure are aware of the fact that, what you are selling in the internet is not genuine. Everybody may copy it as many time as possible. this because the net will allow everybody everything just at his discretion.

I already told you once before as to why I am sending friend requests to people. The majority of them are friends of my friends. I would really want to know who the heck did childishly tell you that I wanted to get in contact with them. They are destrucitve and you should warn them. Because they are about to spoil your system.

As you tell people all the time the following more than silly remark, I must spread news about your policiy in other ways.

Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. Unfortunately, we can't respond to individual feedback emails, but we are reading them.

Most kind regards
thomas ramseyer

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