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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NIGERIA - ECOWAS - Nigeria lending her ears to the wrong advisors

author thomas ramseyer
Nigeria raises petrol price to NGN 105 again - WHY this? it's clear cut, they listen to the wrong ones and they did not learn from the recent past

Instead of developping the domestic economy, the government is about to choke
it before it even germinates.

The majority of Nigerian politicians do not want to realise that they are in key position to boost not only Nigeria's domestic economy but impact even the world wide economic growth!!!

Nigerian government in key position to boost world wide economy
It is easy for the jonathan goodluck administration to trigger the world wide economy. There are only a few measures to be taken:

1) UNPEG Bonny light oil from Brent!

[Bonny light pegged to Brent has been traded at USD 10 to USD 20 above Arab Crude for more than eighteen months. Because of Bonny's peg to Brent Nigerian NNPC has been selling not one single drop of Bonny light. Proof: Off shore Bonny Island some thirty heavy oil cargo vessels are anchoring waiting in vain their load to be discharged. Meanwhile the upstream must have been stopped because of lack of storage capacity]

2) Recognize where Nigeria's money is to be made available!
[As Nigeria dropped almost all export activities but for the easy going oil, there is no money to flow in, when Bonny light oil cannot be sold. This now is the case. All northern hemispherian banks are eager to lead Nigeria into heavy financial dependency again. By the end of 2012 the figures to be published will prove]

3) Get rid of unwanted elements on or off shore Nigerian soil. Get rid of OPEC, do not care about threats; nothing will happen, nobody can afford major conflicts revealing who the ones on the strings are. Those times are over. Transparency is to be granted by everybody by the means of modern technology.

4) Grant amnesty once in a lifetime to black money holders. (done in Switzerland, maybe blueprint for the new order time) Do not criminalize them. Thus they will repatriate their money till now working for the benefit of abroad's countries (main bulk lies in the US for sure) upon emerging domestic economic activities in Nigeria. Nigerians finally will trust Nigerians and Nigeria again; the money will flow back. This is a rule; money always travels to where it is transferred into durable goods such as infrastructure.

Hidden goals of northerners - measures taken: keep locals ignorant, take advantage of there naivity
Northern hemispherians try to prevent countries such as Nigeria with a high potential from doing the right things for their population; they have them stay ignorant as well as dependent on them for the sake of northern hemispherians' benefit. (Imagine Nigeria because of its prospering domestic economy all of a sudden becomes heavily in need of its resources such as oil, gem, bauxit, gold, iron and other. Consider all and you will understand).

How do northern hemispherians manipulate Subsaharians? Why do Subsharians accept this? Deep pockets' money, fat envelopes? False promisses, fake friendships? Be assured they mock you!

While global politics put pressure on Nigerian government even trying to destabilize that country by supporting the wrong people or even have those people emerge, Nigerian Administration does not or does not want to see - maybe they wickedly are being blocked by the majority of senators aiming at the wrong in favour of the wrong - that the money is idling right underneath their noses. It lies in the hands of the people, the real power of any country worldwide.

The people's might - the ones doing everything and caring for everything - you, she, he, we, them and I as well
The people who produce, consume, pay everything with their sweat or their owner soil's resources, are the ones which really are on seat and in position to save a countries future. The Administration is but the executive. The senat but the legislative. Also there is the judicative, the law and order system.

Those three are meant to make it easy for the population to build up the economy. Because whatever the government does - blocked or not by the senat - is in fact paid by the people, by the resources from the soil belonging to its residents in fact; again the people.

100 NGN to travel to Abuja in form of taxes coming back to the origin payer in form of infrastructure for 1 KOBO. This has been the game for ever, only hope had people vote.

100 NGN invested in a sole purpose vehicle share holder company on sight do not travel; 100 NGN stay right where they are. Only minor cost such 50 Kobo will be chopped and eaten by the banks. The rest is going to be transferred into infrastructure, jobs, and knowledge transfer.

Once this being recognized there will be money flowing from the people directly into infrastructure and the sort, the economy to boost. First the domestic economy later heavily impacting all other african countries and last but not least the whole world's economy. SubSahara Africa will save world wide economy. It is the market to be developed. Developed with the paid - no charity wanted - help of the northern hemispherians for the benefit of all the countries be it north or be it south.

3) Restructurize its political system, its interdependency as well as the assumed dependency on all those countries abroad (led by the USA)

Big figure play
IT IS THE MIGHT OF THE NUMBERS: there are 160 Million Nigerians, 53.8 Millions are able to working, 24% jobless. Nigerians are surviving because a lot of things are not due to money transfer. E.g. all farming activities where e.g. one egg is one egg, one chicken is one chicken, time is not measured as in Europe. In remote vicinities it does not matter that the worn out european subsidized chicken are cheaper than nigerian thus killing all big scale activity meant for the markets in big cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Jos, Kaduna, Ibadan, Illorin, Aba, Benin and others are much cheaper than the locals.

The sweet tune of liberalization as well as globalization - both of them to the worse of people
Liberalized market said to be for the benefit of everybody. THIS is NOT true. Liberalised markets are good only for the ones already deep in the money. The locals being deprived from their decent lives because prices of goods and resources produced domestically are fixed far off in some places such as Chicago far, far, very far away from home. Why this. They force people down to their knees for the sake of paper money, for the sake of politicians' goals to be achieved.

Because those people sometimes even do not know about the liberal market allowing to kill off local big scale production, they do not care. Also they have no means to travel to far with their goods, they just are self-content, ready for autarcy as well as possible embargo without even knowing this.

Because alternatives are zero or one - death or life - Nigerian strugglers can easily survive
The alternatives for rural village people are only two: a) growing food and nourrisshing themselves or b) doing nothing and starve of hunger bound to death. Other second choices for them do not exist. No industry, no way to go stranding on the edge of some big vast city because of lack of transport, no way of heading to the north risking their lives by walking through the deserts. This is one of the advantages of such a country like Nigeria (other subsaharaafrica countries included). And this is good.

The example - Nigeria will take the lead despite all northernes will not like it thus frantically fight in hidden places
New Paradigm people's capitalism
The other is the sheer big number factor.
Potential customers: 160 Millions
Working power: 53.8 Millions
Jobless rate: 24%
On average Nigerians are living off USD 2 per day.

This sounds hopeless but this is not the case at all:

One Nigerian starving for 5 days in 2 months ends up with savings of USD 10.

If 80 Million Nigerians buy each one a share of USD 10 of a sole purpose shareholder company (e.g. infrastructure the shareholder company's balance sheet upon completion of the primary operation sums up for some USD 800'000'000 (eight hundred million). Calculate the multiple.

Here lies the might; the might of a country lies in the hands of the people. Only thing; they have to become aware of this fact.

No privatization - everything done privatly in the first place - money becomes infrastrucuture not only food for some priviledged

So the way will be not privatising governmental possessions upon completion or rising funds from the people putting their money at stake. (Governmental plans to issue Saak (Sukuk) is not to become a success. What do they want to put up for putting in those special purpose vehicles? It makes no sence to put governmental infrastructure such as white houses inside Sukuks. This because the beneficiary of the money will be the government in fact renting back their premises and maintaining them which makes no sence at all.)

Sole purpose share holder companies will emerge - this for the benefit of everybody of the country
The way will be people investing in shareholder companies with the sole purpose of building infrastructure such as hospitals, refineries, high ways, schools, educational equippment and the sort. Those companies will make sure that people till then idle jobless in the street, are going to be recruited to be trained on the job by know-how-keypeople from abroad bound to transfer knowledge, science, experience to local people.

E.g. Building Infrastructure such as refineries
Once one refinery built those Nigerian people having participated in the construction of the former will be able to build another of the remaining fourteen the government is aiming at. While building the second the first team will be building the third, recruiting another set of workers to be trained to build refineries. The speed of completing refineries will exponentially augment. Within a short period of time the government's goal with the might of the people will be achieved.

Any activity can be undertaken by training people on the jobs - there will be a mass of jobs and skilled experienced workers throughout the country. The economy will boost alike a rocket.

Same system is valid for any activity throughout the country. The domestic economy will emerge in a speed not yet seen. It is the new paradigm. The might will spread to other countries. Developped Nigeria will have troubled subsharaian countries drag themselves out of the swamp by the latters' owner hair. They will teach people to fish and prevent them from begging for fish thus giving them back pride and sence. The ones once having been warriors and not gatherers will become what they used to be before. This all by themselves and not by charity.

Remarks- the lifespiral is being kicked off

It is easy according to the text books:
The more tasks to be fulfilled, the more jobs created, the more salaries paid, the more consumption is possible, the more shops are going to emerge, the more jobs are created, the more salaries are paid.. . . . and so forth . . the mechanism having been triggered by the governmental hints and making transparency, helping people to emerge by setting a nice and neat legal framework, will be for the benefit of everybody. Not only for a group of people throughout Nigeria but for all individuals, no hidden activity needed anymore. 

Not only for Nigeria but for entire subsaharaafrica. Not only for subsaharaafrica but for the whole continent. Not only for the latter but for the whole worl from the east to the west as well as from the south to the north. Centre, west as well as east northern and southern hemispherians will prosper. No war needed. Everything done by the means of democracy. DIRECT DEMOCRACY of course.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer