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Friday, March 30, 2012

SUBSAHARA AFRICA - ECOWAS - NIGERIA - lettre to a northern hemispherian potential business partner

author thomas ramseyer
how to assist having southern hemispherian countries develope their domestic economies
Good morning sir,

I believe we must intensify our contact. As I have some ideas as to how to develope south hemispherian countries e.g. subsaharaafrica, focus Nigeria, we must get in contact.

to know more about my mindset please read:

It is my strong belief that subsafrica is the next continent to boost the world wide economy. It mostly is lying in the hands of Nigeria's population (not the government) once they are aware of the fact of holding the power in there hands.

For the time being I am trying to have petroplus' board of directors come to the conclusion that the best for its and its shareholders as well as employees' future will be transferring knowledge to Nigeria (they totally lack downstream facilities as well as explorative infrastructure. US is holding the rains and keep a strong hand on whatever is happening down there. Maybe they even are responsible for the ongoing trial of destabilization camouflaged as religious differences. In fact the latter being a mere powerplay. The majority of the senators block - just like the senat does with obama - whatever jonathan goodluck administration is up to.)

As I am persuaded that the people can be mobilized to start building infrastructure - Nigeria wants to build up to 15 refineries, highways, schools, hospitals, railways, airports - by even financing this acitivity, I am constantly spreading news related to the financial capability of nigeria's population.

160 Million people
80 Million working
160 million live on USD 2 per day on average.
there are 5% holding 99% of all the wealth in nigeria
a lot of money has been kept abroad since indepence in the sixties.

mass figure play
160 million people starving for 5 days during 60 days - this they will survive easily - gives them USD 1'600'000'000

all of them buy each shares of a solepurpose shareholder company registered in nigeria. USD 10 times 160 Millions = USD 1.6 trillion

sole purposes can be e.g.
a) refineries
b) high ways
c) hospitals
d) environmental cleaness
e) schools
f) school material
g) orphenages 

h) others
everything to be priorized

1) key-people team from abroad move into Nigeria
they are paid according to their countries' structures
all expenses paid by the specific tasks
insight into culture and country available and provided

2) key-people team recruits potential people - inquisitive, willing to learn, willing to survive and struggle, strong and healthy - from a vast stock of work force even well educated graduates from numereous univesities throughout nigeria.

3) all employees are not employees but shareholders of the specific task.

3.1) as there is nothing to be evaluated from scratch the balance sheet for the activity is flat. Those potential workers/shareholders participate by shares alotted at a price of almost zero. (only implementation costs arising, extreme high number of shares needed; i will thouroughly explain)

THE ACTIVE of those people is their might, their power, their ideas and the skills to get when trained on the jobs while building e.g. a refiners. This now called goodwill (new Paradigm goodwill)

3.2) As time in Nigeria is not really the matter - the salaries are not high (salaries of shareholders must be substantially higher than USD 150 per month thus to first attract and later hold people with their firm.) - the timeframe exceeding frames northerners are used do not really matter. The only ones getting abroad's salaries are the key people teamsters. As they will not be numerous this does not really matter.

4) Once the first e.g. refinery has been completed the workers/shareholders trained on their jobs will be able to build another one.

4.1) The key people team has to be strengthened by taking in some outstanding Nigerian performers when completing the first refinery. Key people team is going to restructure and form two keypeople teams composed of half/half first generation and second generation key people teamsters.

So at stage two, two key people teams recruit people to be educated by learning on the jobs while building refineries two and three.

Stage three, four and furthers to come. It is imaginable that it will not last a long time to complete all the 15 refineries throughout that country.


The rollout starting in Nigeria can be flushed to other subsaharaafrican countries as well.

This model is applicable for any task to be fullfilled. Only thing the keypeople teamster must be obliged by deed to transfer knowledge, skills, experience and science to Subsaharians for free at least within the companies.

5) Because of the domestic economy picking up - salaries paid will enable the shareholders/workers/employees to fulfill their wishes and they are willing to keep up with northern standards - there will be an ongoing boosting spiral for the benefit not only of the Subsaharians but also for the sake of all the northern hemispherians. The world wide economy is going to boost thus be rescued by having subsharaians develope their own domestic economy by transfer of free knowledge from the north to the south.

Developping new markets does not mean anymore crowding out firms by competition but by HAVING other countries CREATE, STRENGTHEN EXISTING domestic economies thus phantastic markets crammed with opportuniteis for everybody throuhout the entire world.

Once results are wittnessed in southern counties the people sitting on idle money abroad for whatsoever reasons will start believing in their own countries and their people. A once in a lifetime amnesty (this being done e.g. in Switzerland, Italy and other countries) will have people (thus not criminalized) repatriate money from abroad to be invested in their home countries. This meaning further fuel for those countries' economies to BOOST.

Geopolitically this will be a vast swing of PARADIGM

As the former strong powercountries desparatly cling to their leading worldpolice/supposedly peace position their will be a lot of clarifying work to do by communication to the citizens not to the governments. The citizens are the ones holding the fate of the worlds in their hands. They have to be persuaded, this in a way everybody will understand. No fake dialectics, no fake didactics, no mobbing, no intrigue. Just straight plain language to be used, even the priests must dismount from their white stallions of sophisticated thus dissuasive ways of interpreting the words written in the book of the books.

There is plenty more to outline, to talk about. I will be pleased to do so with you and others. Also I do not care who is kicking whatsoever off. Main thing is someone must kick it off. Everybody is wanted to participate. This on small, medium or big term. A lot of chicken produce a lot as people say. This also is mass figure play.

Most kind regards

thomas ramseyer

copyright thomas ramseyer