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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NIGERIA - LAGOS - Mass-Transportation - Cable-Cars

author thomas ramseyer
30 Years's Contract signed with Ropeways Transport Limited to build Lagos State Government Cable-Car System for Mass-Transportation 
Article in afritickets on LAMATA - Lagos State Government to Introduce Cable-Cars for Mass-Transportation
Account at channelstv on 2013/02/09/ropeways-to-launch-cable-cars-in-lagos-from-2015/

Ropeways To Launch Cable Cars In Lagos From 2015
Former Managing Director of Virgin Nigeria Airlines and the Chief Executive Officer of Ropeways Transport Limited, Dapo Olumide on Saturday said the proposed Lagos cable cars will start operations in 2015

1) Team up with Swiss independent BMF - Bartholet Machine and Ropeway Construction Limited, Switzerland having 50 years' experience in international activities in the every field of realazation of ropeways, cable railway and the sort.

2) Invent a joint venture Nigerian/Swiss shareholder company such as NIGERIAN/SWISS BMF - Bartholet Machine and ROPEWAYS Transport Limited
2.1) Once smoothly running go public an enlist NIGERIAN/SWISS BMF and ROPEWAYS at Nigerian Stock Exchange.
2.2) Raise shareholder's capital; no debts, do not get depending on Nigeria's high interest environment.
2.3) There are 170 Million Nigerians, thereof at least 17 Million of wealth. Tap them! Calculus 170 Million Nigerian investing USD 10 each allow raising a kicking USD 1.7 BILLION accounting for some NGN 289 BILLION. Imagine the power!!!

3) Construct fully flegded facilities for the production of any product wanted.

4) Transfer skills, knowledge, know-how and science to NIGERIAN/SWISS BMF Ltd

5) Found Swiss-like apprenticeship school system

6) Train apprentices on their jobs while they attend school to get the necessary theoretical skills and knowledge

7) Team up with Nigerian Universities as to form necessary brain power to engineer and develop cable-cars, ropeways and machines as well as solar-power systems to support ropeways.

BMF - Bartholet Machine and Ropeway Construction Limited, Switzerland
Bartholet Maschinenbau AG

CH-8890 Flums


Tel +41 81 720 10 60

Fax +41 81 720 10 61
ISO 9001 certified
After almost 50 years of successful international activities in the field of planning and realization of cable railways, amusement park facilities as well as passenger transport installations of all kinds all over the world, we continue the course of innovation as e. g. with the worldwide first solar skilift in Tenna, a small ski destination in Switzerland.

We recognize that the market actually appreciates new suppliers. We, therefore, will gain a foothold in the segment of solar power driven ropeways, too. 

BMF Bartholet projects and realizes for you:
Inclined lifts
to access elevated stations
e.g. Inclined Lift Zermatt – Switzerland - 2008

Group lifts
to link elevated stops for mass transportation
e.g. Group Lift Huilo Huilo – Chile - 2011
Group Lift Limon – Costa Rica - 2007
Santa Cruz – Chile
Monteverde – Costa Rica 

Älplibahn Malans – Switzerland
Schönhalden Flums – Switzerland

Shuttle lifts
to link elevated stops in outside quarters
PB35 Gemmibahn Leukerbad – Switzerland - 2012

PB60 Moléson – Switzerland - 2011
PB25 Durango – Mexico - 2010
PB15 Vetruse – Czech Republic - 2010
PB30 Dallenwil – Switzerland - 2008
PB45 Chur-Brambrüesch – Switzerland - 2006

Detachable systems 
high velocity cableways (also built with rainprotectors
SBK6 Les Arcs „Mont Blanc“ – France - 2011
SBK4 Crans Montana – Switzerland - 2010
SBK6 Serre Chevalier – France - 2010
SBK6 Les Arcs – France - 2009

Special lifts such as Monorail systems
Funitel Val Thorens – France - 2011
Swedish Alfa Laval does what Swiss Bartholet Maschinenbau ought to do

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Letter to BMF, Switzerland

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