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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NIGERIA - Aviation College to acquire 10 planes - BRAZIL - EMBREAR ideal partner

Author thomas ramseyer
The Kwara International Aviation College is to acquire 10 aircraft to facilitate the training of pilots, aircraft engineers and other aviation professionals, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed has said.
Brazilian Embrear is the ideal partner to fulfil Governor Ahmed's ambitious plan to build up first West African Aviation College.

Great opportunity for anybody stepping in right now

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed explained that the international aviation college -
Aviation College to acquire 10 planes
- was established in response to the demand for pilots globally. He said the college is positioned to serve as a training hub for Africa.

He is reported to have said: “So, ultimately, we will sell off 70 per cent of that business to those who know how to do it and then the school will run on its own internationally.”

This means that there also will be space for all sort of businesses regarding aviation. 

Kwara State Governor Ahmed is determined to lay the basis for a West and Central African aviation hub. This based in Nigeria. 

“For now, we are training pilots but there are other services. There is engineering training. There are other services that are going to go into it. This would become itself a hub for driving aviation business,” Kwara State Governor Ahmed said.

A fully fledged international airport system basis such as Zurich Airport Kloten thus providing high end maintenance and services might emerge in the future.

His aim is clearcut: he wants Westafrica become more independent from South Africa by forming aviation skills along with Zaria.

By the time this school gets to its potential, everybody in Africa who intends to train as a pilot would know the existence of an Aviation College in Ilorin. 

Urgent advice 
1) Do not leave the developement of Subsahara Africa's domestic economies to China, India.

2) Form joint venture firms with Nigerians

3) Bring skills, knowledge, knowhow and experience to the indigene people.

4) Build facilities and construct manufactories to tap huge local and domestic potential

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