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Sunday, February 24, 2013

NIGERIA - Switzerland, EU, USA leave to China, India, Brazil, South Korea a country at the threshold to prosperity

author thomas ramseyer

Is it Ignorance? Is it Arrogance? Is it Fear? Is it Cowardness? - Is it greenhorny capitalism! Maybe it's a combination thereof

North hemispherian countries do not want to tap a Market with a potential of 170 Million individuals eager to learn, ready to acquire skills, ready to work, ready to earn good money, ready to buy

But for the oil they simply ignore the fact that huge investments into infrastructure and industrialization are going to be done in the near future. It seems that those countries completely lack common sense when it comes to think about the development of SubSahara Africa's countries in the next 10 to 30 years ahead.

As all those econometricians tend to run to china, china already is running to SubSaharaAfrica. China virtually is reaching out its tentacles all over the continent. China does not care about conflicts even wars. All they do is investing and keeping their feet on the ground.

Once the figures are good enough for Northern econometricians to move in, it will be difficult to get a decent share. The early birds do catch the fattest worms.

It will turn out to be the main mistake ever committed of the millenium. The workers and employees nowadays attracted to move east or west the Northern Countries are growing old. Either they retire or they return home for the sake of more competitive salaries. At any rate the North will lack customers, it even will lack people. It is bound to become the old age home of the world.

As the BRICS-countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, SouthAfrica) are not interested in developping SubSaharaAfrican countries' industry it will be a great opportunity for Northern Hemispherian countries to transfer knowledge and skills to SubSaharaAfrican countries to support the latter's industrialization. It must be understood that this can be achieved by founding joint ventures with Africans. These activities will not turn out to become competitors of European or Northamerican countries. The goal thereof will be creating a domestic market. The manufactured goods are meant for local markets.

As it can be seen on the exhibit below the countries where Nigeria is importing goods from are not located in the north. Only the Netherlands trade is big enough to mention. All the others shine by absence.

Nigeria, Brazil trade volume hits $9 billion

copyright thomas ramseyer