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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NIGERIA - ECOWAS - WESTAFRICA - SUBSAHARAAFRCA -solving economy - knowledge transfer from north to south to rescue northern economies

   author Thomas Ramseyer
new order for prosperity
the idea is quite simple; knowledge, skills and know-how built by experience are to be transferred from the northern to the southern hemisphere
government supported entities led by Confoederatio Helvetica (CH Switzerland) giving advice to anybody 4free
the idea is to have elders from all over the globe hand down - as was used in ancient times - experienced skills, knowledge, knowhow, culture, manners, science as well as any religion and all of this 4free.
projects generated by handing down will emerge for the benefit of all the people envolved. compulsory transfer of knowledge to locals from north rto south by integrating them and them acquidre skills and knowledge as well as substantial stakes in what they are doing thus then enabled to perform fully fledged and on their own. this being called people's capitalism.
unlimited access to knowledge, skills and science for all; holw to use is left to individuals
By now we all know it; given the northerns' populations gradually growing old and older, it is crucial to find workers and money to step in. As it is the nature of elderly economies their participants stop their productivity and start liquidating their wealth. In the first stage pension funds become sheer pivots to transfer the money from savers to spenders; from active bredwinners to retirees.

A lot of money also will be used to foster the latters. Furthermore the pensioners running out of time need money to go through what they wanted to through once they are on pension. Their wishes such as trips, holidays, sparetime, cars, leasure time, cruises, girls and the sort are to be materializing.

It is evident that pension funds, banks, savings and other wealth have to monetize as to fulfil the dreams of certain people. Crucial question now is: "Who is going to buy the northern hemisphere's industry plants?" The quite blunt answer to that question is a simple "NOBODY!". There is no money because it is needed to foster and nourrish the old agers.

Who is going to step in?
The chinese? Never! This nation has grown old without being able to build up savings. The USA citizens? No! The US' population will consist of a lot of middle and upper class people then on retirement as well as people living just below the limit to poorness. Their demographic structure will consist of a lot of younger people which descend from spanish speeking immigrants. In fact the entire northern hemisphere will be overaged.

Who is to drag the sackbarrow out of its pit?
The answer is easy. In terms of demographics the ignored and long forgotten subsahara africans are the potential to step in.

Actual consideration of SubSahara Africa
Any researcher does never mention Africa. They think the world consists only of the northern hemisphere's countries plus Argentina, Brazil and Australia. This being proof of their incapability of gazing farther then their tips of their noses.

What enables subsaharians to step in?
Education, education, education. Skills, know-how, knowledge, experience. In some countries the educative system is quite advanced. E.g. in 150 Million people Nigeria each year more than 100'000 graduates are spilling out from Universities. But their is no domestic economy waiting for them to insure a comfortable life.This country as well as other ECOWAS (West Africa Countries) are not capable to implement this problem solving domestic economy on their own.

Measures taken by northerners to prevent growing wealth in southern countries (e.g. ECOWAS)
1) No transfer of knowledge
 All knowledge is held by expats which vanish in case of trouble or for policy reasons.

2) No transfer of know-how
Know-how is withheld from native people. The are only meant to use pickaxe, shovel and carry bags.
E.g. Chinese constructors move in and bring material and staff to the country. Upon completion of e.g. a fully fledged city in Nigeria they bluntly dropped the keys and left.

3) No access for numerous ECOWAS graduates to nothern universities
Compared to Northerners ECOWAS graduates are said to be not fit enough.

4) No implementation of not basic but fully fledged plants only (e.g. no refineries)
E.g. cars are only assembled in Nigeria

5) Restrictive Immigration rules for southerners
E.g. Switzerland has immigrate well educated and experienced northerners - germans, britains, americans, austrians, australien,

Northern hemisphere countries are living off those countries' wealth in terms of oil, gems, other important basic materials as well as exports of goods for numerous consumers. All refined goods imported are to be paid by money transfers of ECOWAS people living abroad supporting their families. This behaviour is killing rural activity because the locals are not competitive enough to face e.g. subventioned meet and other stuff from Europe and other countries. Other reason is the fact that a booming domestic economy will have ECOWAS countries use their resources themselves.

Development of domestic economy has no priority in West Africa (ECOWAS)
Also it can be seen on the page of ECOWAS (click Acitivities) that those countries hinder certain sectors such as Economic and Monetary Affairs, Environment, Food Security, ICT / Information Society and Rural Development. In short all the important sectors to boost a domestic economy are not taken care of. For this there must be some reason. It can be guessed that ECOWAS would lose any support from northerners. Other reason could be political influence corruption included.

Recommendation to rescue northern economies
1)Have SubSahara governments develope their countries' domestic economies.
1.1) Support invention of strong democracies throughout SSA.
Make fit ECOWAS people to step in on time by preparing them already now.
Also have ECOWAS support other SSA countries replacing Caritas and others.
Support eliminating corruption by simply regulating northern companies.

2) Invent training centers for ECOWAS people
Have ECOWAS people trained on jobs while being productive. (e.g. Israels 1960s' Kibbuzes)

2.1) Asylum seekers are to be trained in special camps/centers
Instead having asylum seekers idle educate and train them. Thus they will be able to invent small businesses in their home countries. Send them back. Accompany them with mikro-credits and supervision.

2.2) Training and education is granted only to people willing to go back to SSA in the first place
Have them sign a contract stating their will to go back after education. Incentive: mikro starting capital.

3) Have small and medium sized companies invest in Subsaharan Africa
As SSA markets are to heavily emerge incentives must be granted to those firms. Also they will be able to invent new distribution channels. Have them open local shareholder companies.

4) Have them compulsorily share knowledge with native people
Part of a joint venture contract must be the compulsary transfer of knowledge and know-how to local people.
5) Have them let participate local people by making them shareholders. (e.g. part of remuneration)
Have them invent treasury stock to be prepared for capital collection.
6) Have big sized firms invest in ECOWAS countries and have them bring in infrastructure as well as knowledge, know-how and skills
Infrastrucur can be financed by issuing shareholder capital. E.g. 150 Million Nigerian investing CHF 1.-- each let firms raise capital of CHF 150 Millions.
7) Accept graduates from throughout SubSahra Africa to do their Masters in northern Universities
Oblige such students to go back to SSA for developing their countries' economies and infrastructure.

8) Support also developed countries
When it comes to development and support by caritative NGO's encourage them to go to partly developed countries thus enabling them to be of help in the very poor countries. E.g. East Africa
Have caritative elements change their criteria for supporting people in need.

9) Educate nurses for an easy start
Regarding growing numbers of old age people in the north cover the shortage of nurses by preparing ECOWAS nurses to come over to e.g. Europe. Most important issue here are language skills. 

10) Advanced SSA countries develope retardet SSA countries
For the sake of Europe and other northern countries the goal Africans developing  African Countries thus enabling them to step in abroad must be achieved within a rather short lapse of time.

Risk, return, threat and chances
1) Main risk is a failure due to lacking identification of northerners as well as southerners with the programme.

2) Main return will be the possibility of having southerners take over wealth due to retirees' liquidation, take over jobs and becoming tax source in a later stage.

3) Main threat is the possibility migration issue getting out of hand. 

4) Main chance is the fact that one of the most valuable assets of southern countries' individuals is that they have no personal debts. This allow the economy to start from scratch.

A florishing SubSahara Africa domestic economy will enable northerners to go on leading their decent lives. Assets can change hands ensuring demand thus shareprice stability. Employees, managers and workers will replace the retired ones in al later stage. New markets are being developed with all their risks and chances. Fostering is granted. The education systems will last because of sufficient numbers of students. The immigration problem starts to get gradually solved.

Tackle the problem. There is no time to lose.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer