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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

APPLE - Hands off iPhone 5S - NSA is collecting fingerprints

Autor thomas ramseyer
Only a blockheaded fool is going to use iPhone 5S giving away his fingerprints freely
It is wellknown: the NSA is working with Information Technology (IT) firms providing all sort of communication services. Telepones Mobile phones, Internet, Fixnet, iPads and other tablets, notebooks, desktops and other gadgets are targeted by NSA to gether Information throughout the whole world.

Access to biometric date is the worst interference to privacy. All electronic equipment  - telepone, internet, intranet - connected with other machines, are prone to hacking. Mainly hacking organisations such as the american National Security Agency (NSA) dispose of a multibillion USD-budget per year.

1) Do not use gadgets equipped with biometric security software.

2) Paranoic countries such as the USA collecting all data available for organizing them in a database for the purpose of intensive mining, must be avoided by people willing to keep privacy for the reason of principle. Like satan the holy water.

3) People not caring being observed even in the matrimonial bed - "I do not have anything to hide" - must be illuminated for them to understand that they must fight for individual freedom. (If ever they want to wear their hearts on their sleeves may communicate by using Facebook)

copyright  thomas ramseyer