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Thursday, February 16, 2012

anYKon°4free - purpose, past, present and future

author thomas ramseyer

no financial interest
no contract wanted
no useless publicity wanted

sole things really to be aimed at

1) bringing ensuring and maintaining transparency regarding whatever topic for free

1.1) this by speaking up truly, freely with no regard to whatever level the opponents bearing all the consequences


all activity founded on code of ethics outlined by Pater Rupert Ley
focus on in the book of the books' published account of Jesus' follower Matthew, 7:12 (which reads to cut that matter short: treat people as you expect to be treated) as well as Jehovas ten commandments extended by the longtime lost eleventh commandment which in fact must be the first. (the last ones are to be first and vice versa)

a) integrity
b) comportment of high moral standard to be striving for
c) ethically as clean and straight possible giving the utmost
d) no prejudices nor lending the ear to the evil
e) no judgements
f) fight for true right
g) fight for yourself bearing all consequences

anYKon°4free - past - present - future - purpose

  • kiwanis [the real not the fake]
  • no talk but walk
  • go for the future
  • supporting itgs mother
  • forget about father
  • the latter to roam
  • to dive into water
  • just to become foam
  • between dusk and dawn
  • got rid of his tusk for doing the lawn
  • he tyres and rest
  • have given his best
  • better start small then never at all
  • don't ask, just do it!
  • especially not
  • considerer own centres
  • become always flop
  • the ones who wander
  • smoking a cigar
  • for ash tray them losers
  • use gunpowder jar
  • boom !!! . . .
  • thus needing a broom
  • never ask somebody
  • to do it for you
  • never ask talkers
  • for all of them too
  • take very much time
  • to spill shit to loo
  • do all for yourself
  • give always a try
  • to put on your shelf
  • else money good bye
  • you try it for goo goo
  • no be one them mugu
  • by just turning down
  • all baddies to groun'

rules to survive as well as succeed

1) trust only yourself - you are the sole person knowing you the most

listen carfully - consider all facts -
think cognitivly - decide on your own - crowding out whispers - upon thourough brainwork - decide for the go - stick all time to it - strive for the solution - give utmost of yours to achieve or to stay - the same as before. at least you have tried for the better. all you might go through - is staying the same

2) whatever somebody else can do, you can do it yourself; it is only a matter of time
promissing sweet talker - providing connections - always no clean- he be alwas crook - both of no value - proposer and matter - if looked at from rear end - they are but to shatter.

3) upfront payments - such as advanced - fees early transfer of the funds - operational consider you fraud

4) somebody knowing somebody which - knows somebody who knows somebody's buddies is to be left - because if you do not - there will be theft - they eat you for googoo - your 'coming a mugu - you seemed to be clever - but eaten for ever

never you'll trust them sweet talkers -

till money been stalkers again -
'cause all tried in vaine -

all you deserve now -
of course is a cane - to beat you to pieces -

as if you was feces - to go down the drain -
someone is flushing - again and again.

5) only business with related in blood no extended kin because all those others will eat your meat, bones and your skin

6) only trust men and women of blood or bloodily related

7) trust people only - when trusted by your own trusted blood - because if you don't you becoming a rod to beat yourself up because you dey sod.

copyright thomas ramseyer

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