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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SYSTEM - Humanitarians - on the wrong track - meekly organized help only meant to tie down people about to wander

author thomas ramseyer
Humanitarians to fail - this wanted by the seven sitting in the the counsil - blocking everything by applying veto every now and then - they are to remove from their seats by democratic activity - it cannot be that seven countries rule the other twohundredforty

New Paradigm
The more than outdated system of seven countries ruling the security counsil must be replaced. Remember this has been invented based on the second european world war (WWII) This overdue counsil of the seven vetoers have to be removed for the betterment of ALL the countries. Do not forget, remember: everything decided in that counsil is based on economic activities of the seven blockers, this only for the benefit of the latters. Wake up! exchange them for the betters.

United Nations Human Rights Council

A joke; meant only to calm down all spectators. Mainly the ones not really after the truth.

A lot of palaver, this is all they do. It is a country's people which are the only ones to change inhuman behaveour, nobody else. The only thing governments can do is to clarify the situation, make everything transparent. All starts already in the core, the family members' behaveous has to be changed in the very first place. Time frame ten to twenty years.

The counsil - a mere joke - sugar for some ignorant money eating individuals
1) Russia, China and the United States of America were NOT present. They do not care about those rights by demonstrating this distinctly.

2) Every country's representative has five sharp minutes to read there whatsoever.

3) The countries' speaker are being cut from talking whatever they are talking about. Even if it is of importance of every country in the world.

4) The statements have been prepared already months ago. This can be recongnized when e.g. Germany still blames Nigeria for unsufficient protection of its people. Whereas the latter already have invented the programme to stop human trafficking, medicaments' fraud, advanced fee fraud and other criminal offence being the base of human rights violation

5) The only acclamation having done was when the German delegate managed to finish sharp on five minutes.

Such a counsil is but a nice trip for the participating subaltern apparatschiks. They were to go to Switzerland, Geneva, its lake and the nearby mountains. A short trip to Bernese Alps - Eiger Mönch und Jungfrau - to finish smoothly, maybe Zurich is on the plan too.

The travel on the cost of people, achieving nothing, they are but a bunch of silly blabbers. No experience, allmost falling off their stools while longing for some brake or for the closure of the meeting. Bilateral blab is of no value; it never leads to any result. Only thing to focus on is stop this useless costly nonsense. HAVE THE PEOPLE SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS, EVEN IF THEY WALK.

1) There are a lot of people even born in the refugee camps. No education, the feeling of inferiority sucked in already with the mother's milk. No future they living in despare. Meant to stay there, right where they are, tied down by recieving a small portion of food and medical attendance so to prevent them from moving to the north or elsewhere. Where the soil is fat and where it would be easy to have a decent life. The north is afraid to face them one day right on their borders as it has been in ancient times.

2) During the past few years africans being pestered by arabic riding warriors tolerated or even sent by Sudan government evaded to neighboring countries. Reason why pestered is oil right under their feet. Once them finished off Sudan got devided into South and North. The south having the oil rich remote part of their countries. More war to come. The chinese running up to five upstream plants throughout Sudan weakened all resolution or even vetoed so to protect their interest. America does not care because they have other tasks in mind; West Africa, ECOWAS, most powerful country there being NIGERIA.

1) Instead of spilling their peoples' money the "helping" countries shall leave soils where they do not belong. They may go back home to sweep their own dirt away right under their noses, right outside their houses beyond their thresholds.

2) As it has been thousands of years ago, vicinities where life was not possible are to be abandoned by the people living their. Too many drafts in a consecutive row of years must lead them to undertake an exodus. Walking to reach regions where a decent life is possible. This with all consequences such ad dying of starvation, evil deseases on their way to better lands. Only the strongest ones are going to arrive, the weak ones to be left behind. (Innuit still do this; it is their way of life; we have to come as well as we have to go.)

3) They will cope with only what they have; no medical doctors. They at any rate will not participate because they are northern hemispherians with no interest in the faith of all the southerners. Also they are in the south only because they are paid getting their salaries abroad on ther northern accounts. Only a small amount of money is needed for them for living in the south. Moreover they are living off money collected from the northern people, citizens of states with executive counsellors having forgotten what they are; mere employees of the people, the so-called basis. This to be turned around. They people have the say. All politicians whatever they are - far left to far right - doing nothing for the benefit of people and their childrens' childrens' children - must be exchanged for the ones having in mind but the future of the species.

4) Also it does not matter if they are green, rose, red, blue or other colours. The ultimate goal must be the survival of menkind; nothing but this. If technology is to be vanished it does not matter, but a clean environment is of importance; or else the earth strikes back.

5) In lands where life is unbarable for the majority of their inhabitants the latter have to die if they stay, this being the course of life. If calling for the worse they may get it. It is their responsibility. We all know that they are able to walk with heavy loads hundreds of kilometres or even thousands. Once they arrive in refugee camps even barbed wired they believe to have made it, which is not true. Only now the time of hellish starvation and despair has started. No hope, they are to die. We want it. 

Final remarks
1) There are a lot of helpers - in Switzerland ZEWO certified - gathering the money from the people. Also there are Foundations also ZEWO certified this only for the purpose of tax evasion. In fact ignorant people pay everything because there are some sophisticated lawyers finding the gaps in the law frame for to make it possible for cunning people to pay their activities by tax evasion to the debit of the people.

1.1) Example
a) People suffering from a tax bracket of some fifty percent (50%). Thus CHF 1.00 has a value of only CHF 0.50 because of tax. 

b) When paying the money into a foundation/stiftung such persons can deduct CHF 1.00 from their income. Thus there is no CHF 0.50 tax to pay. 

c) E.g. The purpose of that foundation must be something e.g. support anything, or support keeping Switzerland out of Europe - which makes a lot of sense, we all know why, a lot of costly palaver with no outcome - for ite to disburse CHF 0.50 to the same person or its power group having paid in CHF 1.00 tax exempt. 

d) This meaning the people being misused to support activity whatsoever which they even would not like. All people thus from left to right or wanting something for themselves are to support one sole group's activity which sometimes may not suit. 

e) Rule of thumb: CHF 1.00 paid transferred to a ZEWO certified foundation/stiftung saves the payer some CHF 0.50. Because of its purpose that specific foundation/stiftung may transfer for a specific purpose CHF 0.50 to support solving a specific group's problem. To camouflage those deals they must be made at arms' lenght meaning that the paper trail is broken. (according to law only cash is to buy things and service; the receiver may accept book money instead of cash as a subsitute; a suitable hole in the net of law) Also it's best to bring in the cash anonimously through more than one; another means to camouflage the trail. 

f) Using this network nobody has to lie, but is this morally and ethically in order? No, even Bankers have to leave their seats being dumb enough believing that it is suffient to act according to a non existing conduct. (it is almost certain that such people have to leave because of a high probability of others' actions having been the same; the pigshed of Augius to be swept for good. Nothing else is appropriate.

copyright thomas ramseyer