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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FINANCE - financial institutions and other crooks to let people go down the drain - letter to a friend

author thomas ramseyer
hey Abra, i am thriving for those depending on me to become independent thus achieving without. it is important and needed that anyone is up to coping with his life himself. 

Living at the mercy of somebody, some instiution such as banks is disgracing and ties you down. Never enter into relationship with banks. There is no such thing as to buy today and save later. The only healthy behaveour regarding money, basic needs, luxury and ultra luxury is saving FIRST and consum LATER.

Everybody asking you for paying money upfront is to be considered crook thus 419. Everybody giving you money upfront for the purpose of collecting interest from you the capital to be revolved such as banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries is to be considered crook thus 419. 

Whenever it comes to take a decision the only human being to be trustet is you. What you get because of decisions taken by you is what you deserve and what you get. Never complain. To decide on someone else's advice without digging into the matter yourself is the very fault you can make. It is my strong belief and my advice to never do this. 

When it comes to your future you are the only one to decide. Do never let or have s.o. spoil this; you will regret. If not today for sure sometime later . . . for sure before you die. Never do something under pressure. The only thing in life you really do have is time. Time here as well as there thus eternal. 

Whatever somebody will promise you to do for you for money, you can do yourself. Just by taking your time. Consider crooks people talking about having connections and you will prosper, this here or there. 

The book is only talking about having talents. Talents is not currency nor bills nor coins, the latter being of use for transportation only. By talents potential, experience, skills, know-how, knowledge and science is meant. Talent is real GOODWILL. Balancesheet goodwill only shows the money paid in excess for the benefit of eating everything today and having others starve later; this being activating upfront to be written off later. Goodwill understood by crooks is upfront payment thus is fraud.

Only humans can construct, only human beings can have emerge durables. It has been witnessed, can be witnessed and will be witnessed that seven people can build a house. Whereas myriades - meaning digit 1 plus uncountable zeros - of dollars have never be seen building anything but castles dwelling on a cloud. 

Anything crushable, everything touchable thus durable is good. All on paper based illusive crap - despite the opinion of lots of money taking professors, politicians, lawyers and business men of all sort - is to have people pushing down the drain. 

Go for food and shelter thus enabled to go for durables. Burn the paper or never touch it. Paper is but for wrapping up wealth for a very short lapse of time. Just for buying provisions and bringing in water to have you thrive for durables. 

Transporting wealth to somewhere for it to become durables such as self-owned thus debtfree roofs and shelters. Also short term durables must be bought meaning production factors for getting hold of further outlasting goods. The foundation to get durables is water in the first place than food. 

Water never must be owned by someone. It is meant for everybody not to be bought nor sold. Soil never must produce food for the sake of travelling abroad, far from here feeding people there in empty space. Regions with no water are never meant for people staying. If not so human species would never have survived. 

Everybody living at the mercy of those furnishing their food must know, they hogtie him, they tie him down for not to move nor coming there. Instead of staying and thus starving you used to move in earlier times. 

This the reason why still we're here.  

Stay clean!


copyright thomas ramseyer