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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SYSTEM - CHARITY - AUSTERITY - AUTARKY - to tie down southerners where they are not really belonging to - calm down the consciences of northerns - they donate as upon any catastrophy - only real profit takers are the governments boasting with "OUR" helping hand while selling overdue stock to the whatsoever charity organisations

Author thomas ramseyer
Charity is the worst  - breeak their will and pride

we can do to the pride of people in need. Instead teaching them as how to fish, we give them food for free. Scarce portions of food so to assure that those people do not become strong enough to leave the prison-like refugee camps to head for a better land. The latter being in the north, the south, the west or even the east. It would only be a matter of time for them to step on our toes somewhere in EUROPE. 

Do not forget, remember, menhood did this already twice in more than 250'000 years. 
Why not a third?

Calculate; it is easy.

km 10 each day
km 3650 in a year
km 7300 in two years

and they are here or better whereever they want.

Determination needed and they will arrive by the end of 2017

If they are determined to come whatever will happen to them, they will arrive. If they are willing to give their lives - as they used to be some ten- to hundredthousands years ago, it will happen. Because of humanty reasons the northern hemispherians will never fight them off. It will not be possible to shoot them. The armies are to small. Also it makes a lot of sense for us to have them come: Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Oceania,United States of America as well as Meso and South America will grow old. Youngsters still are there of course. But they will not be prepared to carry the load of ages nor are they able to buy the wealth their parents have built up. There must be a shift of populations, there must be immigration so to make it possible for us to have a decent fall of our lives. If not, we're gonna starve, maybe a lot of death because of being bored of life or other reasons e.g. deseases not being curabled by lack of medicaments.

Concider austerity, consider autarcy, peace will not rain anymore if actual governments' do not change their minds. Their minds are set the wrong way, they are looking backward and this is wrong.

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