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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


- how to solve the problem of faltering northern hemispherian economies - transporT4free knowledge/know-how/experience/skills and science from CENTRAL NORTH to SOUTH
author thomas ramseyer

SAVING northern hemispherians' economies

For saving central northern hemispherians' economies it would have been, it is, it will be, it will have been compulsory for the central northern hemispherians to have flow knowlege/skills/know-how/experience and science free of charge to central southern hemispherians.

New world order - new Paradigm (Paradigm Change) Geography
Old order geography is more than overdue. Out of fashion after math World War II expressions such as West, East, Middle East, Far East, Australia and Oceania, Mesoamerica, South America have lost their purpose long time ago.

New order geography
Horizontal understanding
NORTH - northern hemisphere
SOUTH - southern hemisphere

Vertical understanding

Geographical horizontal regions from Pole to Pole/NORTH to SOUTH

a) DEATH NORTH POLE region [no human life without artificial infrastructure possible; OIL|GAS conflict and war potential]
d) FAT region
e) BELT region [oil - floods - salt - volcanos]
f) STARVATION HOT BELT region [deserts - sahara -]
g) EQUATOR [geographical expression purpose only statistical e.g. for measuring world's circumference and others
h) FAT SUBSAHARA HIGH POTENTIAL region [nutrition - water - resources such as oil/precious metals/metals/bauxit/OIL|GAS/precious stones - healthy people - struggle-strategists - inquisitiveness - stoical capacity as a survival strategy ]
i) VELD region [semi dry otherwise same as fat subsahara high potential region j)LACK SOUTHERN region [desert - hunger - lack of infrastructure - lost land]
k) STARVATION SOUTH region [food scarcitiy - survival type of human beings similar to
m) DEATH SOUTH POLE region [same as DEATH NORTH POLE region]


Vertical view

Horizontal northern hemisphere

Horizontal southern hemisphere


Economical thus political grouping

Axis of aggressors' war potential group

Group I
United States of America - United Kingdom (now only England and Ireland) - Israel - Australia

Group II
Opponents to axis of aggressors' war potential group

Russia and other former Sowjet Union countries - China - potentially Subshara Africa - North Korea

Group III
Bone of contention group

Oil rich region countries such as Brazil - Venezuela - Nigeria - Cameroon - Angola - Darfur - South Sudan - North Sudan - Saudia Arabia - Iran - Irak - Afghanistan - Georgia - Aserbeijan - Kuweit - Yemen - Somalia - Kenya - Central Africa - Burundi - Congo - Ruanda - Ethyopia - Northpole - later Southpole - Brent region officially and eventually about to run out of proven resources.

Group IV
Affirmatively acclaiming nodders

European Union - Switzerland - Japan - South Korea - United Kingdom - India - Australia

Group V
War catalysts

Israel - CIA (not the USA) - emerging/vanishing security counsil instrumentalized rebel groups (kick in/kick out strategy)

Group VI
Scapegoat Punching Ball group

Moslems in Diaspora as well as Islamic countries such as Middle easterners - afghanistan - pakistan - Irak - Iran

Group VII

US/CIA agitating right under the ignorant kept brown noses of sheepish European Union's Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy

101 US-Agitators reported throughout countries of Subsharaafrican prospective to be explored oil belt - 101 tip of the iceberg? Subshareans concidered titanic riders?
E.g. Actually roughly one hundred US-agitators are working up Kenya, Congo, Somalia and Uganda. Main goal: keeping corrupt governments on seat because they support US and other norhtern hemispherians' interest in oil -gas - soil (fat arable land) - precious stones and other important resources for keeping wide margins thus enabling northerners to take advantage over southerners by hindring them and preventing them from becoming what they are bound for: the first after having been the last for centuries.

Do not forget; remember:

Once Subsaharians - believe, they are about to - find their true own way, their economies will boost in a way never been seen before. All this based on natural resources - struggleism - demographic futures of the North (down) South (up) as well on the high potential of the youths supported by wise elders being on seat right now.

Basis for West Subsaharaafrica (ECOWAS governments (forget about the central and the south) led by NIGERIA to have take off their domestic economies from a solid soil

The majority of CENTRE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERIANS are said to have no belongings at all.

BUT those said to be poor; ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON:
THEY HAVE one great advantage over northerners; THEY HAVE NO DEBT

(to the contrary American and other countries' students graduate heavily indebted with USD 40'000 to USD 80'000 plus interest on interest to be worked off their rump, paid back to the banks)

No debt - great advantage of SSA

Having no debt is the most important asset private people as well as governments have. It is highly recommended to undertake the utmost to protect the financial housholds of countries, governments and individuals. 

Do not go the way down the drain as a lot of northern countries being lured into big shit by high decaying evil governmental agitators. Their only goal being possessing all the durables thus infrastructure and undecayable durables by fucking up the people in the streets. 

It is about high time for the individuals to take back responsibility from the ones which spoil the people and waiste their potential thus their wellbeing and money. Politicians of all sides - far left to far right - which do not support the wellbeing of their countries' population are wrongly put into place. They have to be removed by democratical means by voting for the walkers and dismiss the talkers.

Strong advice

Forget about the northern West, forget about the northern east, forget about the western south as well the eastern south.

Concentrate on the CENTRE; CENTRE NORTH AND CENTRE SOUTH, omit warfare regions despite their oil; US will take care of them. Make sure that the US do not take over CENTRE SOUTH SUBSHARIAN WEST AFRICA. This region (ECOWAS) led by highly potential NIGERIA is targeted by the US their embassies becoming an axis of fortresses to eat the countries and their wealth.

Final Remarks

Do not forget; remember! The United States are not to come in case of destabilization, they already are there. Right under the noses of ignorant kept or heavily bribed admirals afloat on boats built, mastered and maintained by the cunning seller. (Or does anybody believe that on seat in front of highly sophisticated equippment on deck of such a vessel like Nigerian marins - what the heck do they need warships for? - proudly present as being there own. The troyan horse is set off shore near bonny island, this crammed with american soldiers doing intelligence work on ECOWAS being ready to interfere or even attack.

STRONG STRONG advice to all world's politicians and all people

When it comes to that warship of the US in the Bonny-Light-CrudeOIL&GAS-Delta-Bonny-Island region camouflaged by some Nigerian innocent sailors - not even trained marins and mariners - the only purpose of that American Warship might be the protection of up to 30 heavily loaded tankers, vessels crammed with hundreds of thousands barrels of oil.

Crowded out by Price manipulation - Saudi Arabi or region destabilizing US
The crowding out of Bonny light oil is due to heavily manipulated Brent oil prices (whitch to Bonny light innocently and ignorantly has been tagged by former Nigerian governments) at Chicago board of trade CBOT. It is clear cut that Nigeria since more then twenty months by now has never sold one sole drop of their erroneously pegged to Brent Oil prices BONNY LIGHT.

Whoever manipulates the Brent price - nobody is buying brent either because of the USD 10 to USD 20 spread raining in the market thus choking Nigeria by the means of uneven trade balance figures to raise funds from northern hemispherians thus reaching the goal of importing desperatly needed oil derivates mainly such as petrol, kerosin, grease and other basics.

We are going to witness a desaster if the bribed selfcentred senat goes on blocking brilliant Jonathan Goodluck Administration which is fighting for the betterment of Nigeria's population by rolling out a plan for boosting a domestic economy for the benefit of all the people in the street as well as on seat. This plan to be fulfilled, to be fulfilled at any rate.

Measures to be taken to have a boosting domestic economy emerging out of the sky
1) Unpeg Nigerian Bonny light oil from Brent Oil
2) Trade Bonny light oil where it is produced; thus in Nigeria
3) Use Commodity and stock exchange despite it is said to be unsufficient

4) Do not forget, remember! All other facilities regarding upstream and shipping of Bonny light are available and maintained in a state of the art manner by NNPC, the plant meant for resources and renewable power sources as well.

5) Set the price of Bonny light below Arab Crude. Whenever Arab crude is offered at any price, offer Bonny light USD 2 to USD 5 below Arab Crude. In principle sell Bonny light at prices below the price of Arab Crude spilling out of the pipelines. The door to door price is to be used to compare and run the markets. Never the so-called spotprice. As for other goods all in prices are to be considered for competition.

copyright thomas ramseyer