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Saturday, December 24, 2011

anYKon#°4free - unlimited access to information whatsoever at everybody's discretion

Author Thomas Ramseyer
Support means  have succeed not countries but people by free downhanding

Don't talk . . . but walk ! Do it !!! Now !!!!!

anYKon°4free a non profit organisation (NPO) - based at Confoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland - CH) giving advice to anybody 4free.

Elders handing down experienced skills - not only bookwits but also streetwits
The idea is to have elders all over the globe hand down - as was was the custom in ancient times - experienced skills, knowledge, know-how, culture, manners, science as well as any religion and all of this 4free.
Projects to the benefit of people involved
Projects generated by handing down will emerge for the benefit of all the people involved. Compulsary transfer of knowledge to locals from north to south by integrating them and have them acquire skills and knowledge as well as substantial stakes in what they are doing thus enabled to perform fully fledgedly and on their own. This being called people's capitalism.

Access free for everybody - no limitation
Unlimited access to knowledge, skills and science for all; how to use is left to individuals.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer
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