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Saturday, December 10, 2011

EU and EUR under attack: USA trying to severly hit Europe with all their might

Author Thomas Ramseyer
Our grandfathers already knew: everything once achieved in the US will pop up in Europe some ten years later
The truth thereof: everything achieved in the US is based on European Knowledge in the first place

Rules, Regulations, Law and Order
When it comes to rules, the US consider themselves world wide leaders. They are the only ones to really make their way. Anybody wanting to do business with US-Firms is forcedly to accept US-law and order. It is evident the US pretend only trusting their own law, lawyers and language. In fact other countries' laws are being mocked. America to overrule.

When it comes to environment the US are but egocentric. They do not really care about nor for the well-being of humanity. For the sake of financial advantage, humanity gets kicked. Even their own citizens are to get their wipe-downs.

US President blocked - 99/100st consider power- help- and sometimes useless
Their political system allows to block all costly measures traken in favour of humanity. Their presidents are only able to fulfil tasks in favour of a very small minority. 99 out of 100 are completly out of the picture.

GB - Supporter of last resort
The only country's Government really siding them is Great Britain's. Cameron desperately still considers GB America's bridgehead on European Soil. This while the US ostensibly neglet the Atlantic for the benefit of the Pacific region. Criptically they may feel safe because of Cameron's activity. Given UK's domestic political mainstream the USA evidentally are reckoning without their host. Maybe they're even going it over kettle.

Peter Drucker was fully educated in Europe before he immigrated into the US to get naturalized in 1942.
All of Peter F. Drucker's thoughts have been adopted by the economies but for one:
QUOTE Wikipedia
Respect of the worker. Drucker believed that employees are assets and not liabilities. He taught that knowledgeable workers are the essential ingredients of the modern economy. Central to this philosophy is the view that people are an organization's most valuable resource, and that a manager's job is both to prepare people to perform and give them freedom to do so.
UNQUOTE Wikipedia

The respect of the workers now employees has gradually been dieing off in a more and more zynical environment.

Drucker's work can be tracked down at the Drucker Archives at Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center.

Other Economists of European Origin
Another European economist and sociologist named Schumpeter  also immigrated into the US and got the American citizenship in 1939.

Modern Economy actually is based on European experience and knowledge. When it comes to economy other great European names must be stated.

Economy degenerates to Econometrics - Economists to Econometricians - the science of nit-picking nitpickers
Terms now are science of management, management science, business administration, all of them based on empirical science, statistical significance, correlation and all the other greek lettered items.

America's evaporation discharge consists of econometricians only
Volkswirts, Magisters Diplomkaufmanns pervert to masters and bachelors in science of business administration. Administrators thus, no creators any more. Everything is being measured now to the fourth digit after the comma.

Financial Sector - Banking Business
Worldwide financial workers are polishing the apples of the new "old wine in new skins" financial education system. Commonsense talk is wandering off and gets replaced by fat-tail removing statisticians's greek-english gobbledegook. Everybody must have been nursed by the same mammary, the Global Association of Investment Professionals' Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

US-based Education adopted
Only USA grades such as e.g. CFA are recognized in the financial business community since quite some time. Seeked CFA seeks CFA to be seeked became the slogan. The eternal merry-go-round has been kicked off quite some time ago.

All educational institutions around the globe; e.g. Switzerland:  University North/East Switzerland and Business School Lausanne in Switzerland's french speaking part.

Everybody singing the inbred same tune
The outcome of this are inbred opinions/solutions leading to disasters such as real-estate-mortgage-backed-FanniMae-FreddiMac-SPV-CDO-CDS-MBS-and-all-the-others only set-up for higher ROE based compensation.

Outsourcing of Core business knowledge
The very same gentlemen use to outsource whatever, you just name it. Specialization deprived them from the riches of cognitive thinking. I.e. they mutated into rating-abiding humble disciples of S&P, Moody's and Fitch. Anyone opposing the latter are to be mocked. Downgrading by Credit Rating Agencies leads to heavy selling activity at markets in distress.

Nowadays gutless executors following the guidelines cannot take risks anymore. The just measure portfolios against the markets. The latters' ups ands downs do not really upset them; they just perform similarily or slightly better to fulfil.

Americas undercover agents to tackle Europe
All those noses educated by US' financial econometrical educative system turn out to be a sort of fifth column.

Europe and its Interest level
To save the European economy and interest rate level, Europe's governments must augment compulsery limits for local government debt positions in the universe of funds and other insitutional wealth.

Responsibility back in the hands of European Investment Managers
Institutional investors have to take back the responsibility when it comes to the quality of their investments. They simply have to re-inforce their credit departments.

Augmentation of EUR-Government debt
All EUR-Government debt must be accepted to collaterize Repo and other refinancing activity throughout Europe.

Implementation of exchange traded SPV's
To support the European government debt market Special Purpose Vehicles open also to the public must be implemented as share-holder companies.

Great Britain
To ameliorate EU's and EUR's decision taking process let Great Britain go. At any rate its people prefer to leave.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer