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Thursday, June 6, 2013

NIGERIA - Measures to be taken by the Government as to build domestic economy

Author thomas ramseyerGovernment's duty is boosting the domestic economy thus granting jobs for Millions of Nigerians
Nigeria's in CIA - The World Factbook revealed economical figures are meant for dressing the windows only. They are used as pillars for the rating agencies to define Nigeria's credit rating. This might lead to unnecessary debt raising abroad in currencies far more stable then the Nigerian Nira.

The future generations of Nigerians are going to suffer from their country's deteriorating currency if the present generations cannot prevent their government from lavishing their potential for the benefit of their own deep pockets.

To build infrastructure in Nigeria everything can be bought in Nigeria's home market. Thus all materials and labour forces are available in Nigeria and to be bought against Nigerian Naira. NOT US-dollars, Euro nor British pounds.

Cheap excuses that certain machines have to be imported are to be banned. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerian able to work hard are presently idle at the sidelines. They can do a lot with almost their bare hands. Nigerian Government must use the sources available which are the masses of unemployed.

Talking about Nigeria to be a rich country is far off the tracks. It is NOT true. Economy measured by aggregated figures and ratios do not show the real picture. All which counts are the number of jobs.
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