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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Belgium based SWIFT - fully controlled by US-authorities - China's Renminbi to be used as alternative

Author thomas ramseyer
Wikipedia: US Control over Transactions within the European Union
On 26 February 2012 the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported that US authorities evidently have sufficient control over SWIFT to seize money being transferred between two EU countries (Denmark and Germany), since they have seized around U$26,000 which were being transferred from a Danish to a German bank. The money was a payment by a Danish businessman for a batch of Cuban cigars previously imported to Germany by a German supplier. As justification for the seizure, the U.S. Treasury has stated that the Danish businessman has violated the United States embargo against Cuba.[23]

As the example shows the US are in a position to get hold of any information they want. Threatened to be cut off the moneytransfer in USD, the banks would rather be looking for another solution than the USD. How about the Renminbi???

It looks like the US consider themselves rulers of the entire world. Together with England they virtually are sitting right on the edge of everybody's matrimonial bed.

As China's currency is backed by a huge economy the Renminbi may become an alternative to the USD in a Transfersystem totally separate from the actual infrastructure.

China is empowered to build a transfer system similar to SWIFT for the purpose of cutting off some of the information from the US and GB. It is only a matter of time that this will happen.

It is about time to disturb the monopol of the US. As the US do not grant transparency about themselves the nonUS nations must try to build up secrecy and privacy again. 

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