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Friday, June 28, 2013

NSA - Never Safe Again - Spy in your master bedroom - stoolies all over the world

author thomas ramseyer
Big Brother is watching you
It is not only the United States's population US and British intelligence are watching, but also all the other people around the whole world. USA, NSA, CIA, FBI and all the other three-letter acronyms in fact are the real terrorists. They terrorize the people all over the world. People being watched and eavesdropped will gradually become unable to express themselves. The quality of life will gradually be deteriorating.

Careers at stake
For sure a SecretService record (SS) may easily stop individuals' carreers. People will grow aware of this fact. Everybody will suspect anybody to be a snitch. Real friends do not longer exist. Nobody will speak the truth anymore. The clima is poisoned.

Accidents are accidents, aren't they?
How many people which accidently died or vanished from one minute to the next in the past have purposely been extinct? 

Whistleblowers must not hide
For whistleblowers it is very important that a lot of people know where they are. The more people know, the safer the whistleblowers such as Snowden are. Guess what could have happened to Snowden if the SS had known what he was up to before his action taken? Maybe they would just have gotten rid of him.

Somebody born today will be as transparent as clear water.
Using NSA-database anybody in possession of an individual's entire data-trail can blackmail the latter as well as his network. An individual's database will not only comprise of his own data, but the data of his entire network and genealogy. A whole group is going to be vulnerable once one of its members gets in the focus.

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Big Brother is watching you

copyright  thomas ramseyer