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Thursday, July 25, 2013

USA - Stand your ground - licence to kill in the USA fitting licence to spy

Author thomas ramseyer
It must be a joke; this law has been invented in 2005 only. What is wrong with the paranoic USAmricans?
In the first place this law was concidered made in the 19th century when America was littered with criminal elements all over the country.

1) A janus-faced administration, cynically defending the killings of innocent US-citizens by drones and declaring this action collateral damage, is asking for more severe law when it comes to guns. While private people should become disarmed the government is heavily beefing up its suppressive power potential.

2) Stand your ground law will provoke people in the US to become gunslingers again. Anywhere they go they will legally carry a gun.

3) Stand your ground law will be appealed to by both sides. A copper badge does not cover slaughterers.

4) A country spying out its own citizens as well as all citizens worldwide does not deserve trust anymore. A country killing its own people does not deserve trust anymore. It has to be doubted if an accident really is an accident. Maybe it merely is an elimination executed by soundly trained governmental killers.

5) It also seems to be the main goal of this government to disarm the people for brutally terrorizing  them in the future to come.

6) It is evident that the US also is spying on any technical progress in countries other than the US. It can be assumed that US' fifth column agents spoil by any means. They still recruit agents of all sort of nationalities.

7) Military equipment sold to "friends" for sure is never the state of the art. E.g. Swiss FA18 defensive aircraft bought from the US was not even able to fight in the dark. Swiss army's airforce thus perverted to a nine-to-five task forclet. It can be assumed that spying equipment is installed in all weaponry sold by the US to its "friends".

8) Remember the anger the US shown when Europeans developed Galileo, its own Global Positioning System.

9) Without the carelessness of the administration the financial crisis 2007 up to now would not have taken place.

10) Whatever activity forbidden in Europe for ethical reasons are NOT forbidden in the US. E.g. genetic engineering.

1) Be aware of any action taken by the #ONE country demanding hegemony all around the globe.

2) Develope own outstanding equipment whatever it may cost. (Chinese approach)

3) Get rid of US-Americans acting as CEO's and managers in non-US-firms.

4) Redraw research from the US; all research results for sure are stored and used by the US strategically (economically, martially) to suppress all economies but for US.

5) Do not wear your hearts on your sleeves anymore. Reverse that paradigm. You'd rather hush than talk. Speech is silver, silence is gold.

copyright  thomas ramseyer