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Monday, March 2, 2009

USA: Warhead Mullen - mullen lit up - to announce Iran having enough Plutonium to finish atomic bomb . . . USA prepares the soil to further attack in

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart

2. März 2009

US-Administration has Mullen - has a lot of lametta on his sleaves - testify Iran to have enough fissile materials for a atomic bomb - blind mullen lit up

Preparing to get rid of their stock when correcting the numbers
The US-government seems to prepare the soil for further attack in the middle east. Israel already asked old fellow George W. Bush when airraiding Gaza-City to be unleashed for to go for Iranian infrastructure. They are still eager to invade. Invade covered by them manipulating overseas friends for their owner benefit. No resolution to be feared. They will have veto them as was the last time. Resolution for political reason to be released just on completion of the task.

US Administration a pack of wolves wearing their goatskins
It seems that the new administration is just alike the old administration: the very wolfe in the goatskin with glistening teeth ready to gnaw and claws the wicked pride to attack innocent game. The falkon never fell asleep. The proof is about to emerge from the depths.

Peace to be set on fire - preparing the soil to be shedded with blood
They are ready to set fire where they are failing up to now. Do they want to solve? I reckon . . . NO! Fighting of the Islamic World having the peace advising sharia? What for? As everybody - but for the ones kept ignorant - knows thea are forbidden to take interest nor pay (Islamic Finance with Fatma from Scholars).

Money but meant for transportation of value never to store it
Money is meant but for to transport value never to preserve it. Infrastructure and durables keep their value. Prices and paper is meant to baffle the public. Its heavy indebtness has others expropriate or even disseize too confident souveraign abandoning their keys on the tables. Paper is to rot away. Its evil and decay. As the system has been proving it failed and still be failing. It had to fail because that paper is not even useful to wash the hands nor watering the horses.

Wrong remedy chosen
They chose the wrong remedy. War is never the solution to solve the own and homemade problems. rogues looking for desperadoe countries lining them up to destroy supported by all. North Korea - the bomb, India offensivly to tackle defensive Pakistan. The bomb on both sides. Provided by greedy meakly swiss helpers their evidence burned . . . king (roi valaisan) with illusion assigned to assign.

Let us stop that bullshit the people to rule. Seven together are stronger than a scattered lonely one.

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart