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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Politics in America: focus abroad thus to sidetrack the people - the pope sent crusaders to palestine the people to punish for having nailed him to th

Autor Thomas Ramseyer
3. März 2009
Once upon a time the pope sent the round table to palestine to punish and shatter for undisturbed trying to save his structure the functioning hierachry for to rule without limits. In vain !
It is now the president and the others sending the troopers to even farther for to fight homemade turmoil and putting the order. In vain ?
It is promised to move their boys out of danger but back they put into them in the countries of neighbours. There is war about . . .
All of a sudden the the foreign minister finds other naves, telling the chinese that together they will make it. Always laughing when talking about too serious matters.
Some questions again
  • Why did the Swiss counsil allow to furnish offensive weaponry to multiple culture, numbering 28 states and numerous religions India?
    • Why did the Swiss counsil allow to furnish defensive weapons to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
    • (It is well known that at their common border is a battlefield.)
    • Why does Swiss counsil apply stringent rules as for now on even for durable goods.
    • (Doing kowtow to Bush proving to follow that leader thus hoping America to be soft-gloved towards UBS.)
    • We know that Swiss counsel tend to side the US by retracing their action upon their completion. Why does the new Administration declare having stopped to trust Hamid Karzai? Why does America move 17'000 more troopers into Afghanistan upon anouncing that loss of confidence? Strategically well done - Afghanistan's bounderies of a total of 5,529 km border the following countries: China 76 km, Iran 936 km, Pakistan 2,430 km, Tajikistan 1,206 km, Turkmenistan 744 km, Uzbekistan 137 km.
  • Why America did not extinct the taliban at the end of the war?
    • Why was the US-Army not able to peacefully distribute the goods in Somalia?
    • Why was the US-Army not in the position to have liberia's roughly 50'000 armed children stop from the killing?
    • Why is there replenishment for the niger delta criminals? Why are Somalia's fishermen still robbing the cargos? How come?
    • Why do the vessels still pass through the Suez-channel and sneaking around the Horn of Africa? Are lives cheaper than longer passages?
    • Why are the cargos protected by foreign Navy when shipping company owners distinctively express them leaving alone and not intervene?
    • Why does America not yet fuss about the pirates?
    • Why does the whole world just watch africans of Darfur massacred by government tolerated arabic riders?
    • Why does China veto the resolution against Sudan? Why does the UN Security council still count only six members?
    • Why does America have the final ballot in that counsil?
    • Why do all the world's other countries tolerate the UN-Soldiers to be toothless while the US are the only police?
    • Why does Mullen just now announce Iran to have enough nuclear material to set off the bomb?
    • Why does America have Swiss counsellor destroy the documentation of the case against the Tinner brothers?
    • Why did Swiss government let Tinners send to Pakistan the plans of building the bomb?
    • Why does Switzerland's send soldiers to protect foreign cargos which are to chose the route through the channel of Suez?
    • Why does the Swiss counsil even breach the 1848 constituton ignoring the will of the people? What are they promised?
    • Why does everybody believe that Nonamericans cannot do without America? Why the politicians do not elucidate the souvereign that America cannot survive without the NonAmericans? Why don't we fetch our gold from America? What does this mean?
    • To be completed . . . . .
  • The answer is easy; all this is wanted, there shall be trouble finally wanted to be solved by the world's most powerful country. Power maintained with the money of the Nonamericans all over the world.
Search for the real reason as to why criminals are supported by the local people. Do not let them camouflage themselves with the veil being freedom fighters. In fact they are fighting but for the money by steeling oil and abducting people and uttering irrational demands. Have SubSaharan Africa's countries develope their domestic markets as to grant us the future as well as the present.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer