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Friday, March 13, 2009

Switzerland: 52nd State of the United States of America (USA) - how Swiss Administration supports aggressive northwestern policy, which is the wrong a

Autor Thomas Ramseyer
13. März 2009
Warheads at Berne to support sowings to possible future war - presumably soil for Marshall
plan after massive destruction prepared

Undercover Tinner Brothers export plans to build ATOMIC BOMB to PAKISTAN
Tinner Brothers' file to be destroyed by the 7 Counsellors of Switzerland UPON US-INSTRUCTIONS

Altering rules concerning export of weaponry back and forward - to please the USA?

Switzerland to export DEFENSIVE technically advanced weaponry to PAKISTAN
Switzerland to export OFFENSIVE technically advanced weaponry to INDIA
Switzerland's counsellor to anncounce that the 7 counellors at Berne intend to handle the export of weaponry more strict.

Presumably bring austerity to third world countries with whatsoever as well as wheresoever

Switzerland's counsellor to announce that Berne's famous seven will not only restrict the export of weaponry but also other durable goods to socalled crisis regions. (I reckon this includes hospital equippment, medicaments, books, trucks, lorries, infrastructure building machinery, technical knowledge and other essential goods to develope SubSaharan African countries and other third world countries.

Switzerland to support research and manufactering of to build in weaponry parts
Research and Development of technically highly thus important parts to be built in foreign weaponry to have improve their accuracy to masskill so called enemies only armed with ancient weapons.
||| Are they enemies? NO! I reckon, they are but brothers in the struggle for the one and only human race, the chosen people to survive. So why assisting in killing them?! ||||

Blunt reasoning by Swiss Parliament's Politicians crawiling out from corners
If we do not do it, others (sic!) will do !! (of course the others are swiss abroad, it is only a matter of shifting GDP) (as easily we could use the same grammar when talking about environment)
If we stop export of technically highly developped weaponry jobs will vanish hereabout. (How many jobs? Swiss citizens may easily take care of some 250'000 jobless - for the time being roughly 120'000, 5000 more are marginal. Same is valid for 100'000 bankers, Novartis Basel's 5000 workers; let them go, do not pretend being blackmailed by. They will never move; the logistic task too big, empty buildings to be devaluated)

Measuring of Switzerland's real export of weaponry to hostile regions
The real impact of Swiss weaponry export can be derived from adding up Swiss advanced techniques added to some lifeless dumb metal or to enable faroff systems and the leaders to manage guidance as well as reporting to oversee and administre the destructive action. The outcome will be thousandfold. E.g. How many lives a fighter's rocket lead by swiss electronic hightech products or other ammo fired at soft as well as hard targets.

This is the real thing, this is the value to be quantified
Loss of lives (human capital) destruction of infrastructure and manufactering plants, destruction of logistics, roads and rails, lorries and the sort (real capital) contamination of the soil (real capital). Only good thing is destroying the banks and banking system. Aftermath the people simply can rebuild their country by the use of hands and shovels (human capital for real capital). Do not accept credits (fake capital) from abroad having you depend on others and others faults (2007-2008 crash, 2009 to never ending crisis) (illusive capital) and following the scholars will be the best. Own efforts will be sustainable. No sustain as defined by northerners.

Switzerland will be dependent on other countries weaponry delivery
We will helplessly depend on countries abroad to have our army equlipped.
(1 Ridiculous!!! as they want to make money and get rid of retro stock to have the money flow, they will never cease delivery but forced by US-Government. If and when they do the latter the show is over.
2 We are dependent at any rate: fighters, aircrafts, tanks, ammo, lorries, other logistics. Also all we do is exchanging worthless steel and metal for sophisticated systems to have the show go on from very far away; abroad. Garbage, hear! hear!, for technique !! For Swiss a dis- for others an -advantage. (By the way same thing for other logistics such as food, petrol and gaz. The Russians proved it; Europeans to freeze their buts off.

Upon announcements of the US the seven Swiss take it over after having fought thus postponing matters
Example: Nigeria

Swiss EDA woman to roam about Sudan's Darfur - was she really there, she's got no clue - to announce having seen peace no killing, everything in order
While reporting this heavy killing going on. Black Africans still pestered, clubbered and even brutally killed by arabic riders under the governments eyes wide shut. Remember before she went heavy killings of hundreds of thounsands were reported in all media. What does she read? What does she know? Whom and what is she pretending for. Why does she smile when even talking about the evil? Who knows? As being intelligent it must be lead by others for whatsoever promises.

Swiss government to cover China vetoing all the time against resolutions meant for crooks
As the US they tend to agree with a UN-resolution when the job has been done. (remember and see Gaza Strip, destruction causing BILLIONS of USD. Small 45-alike Marshalplan?, Unsuccessful provokation of the Westbank? The latter being wise (sic!) enough to not interfere! Misinterpreted by the press!!!Swiss government to cover Chinese activities throughout Africa mainly in the West as well as in the east (Sudan). Just have a look at the Chinese scattered plants to get hold of resources and you will see and know.

Swiss government to play rough and tough on immigrants - real reason to pester foreign people
It is unbelievable how Swiss authorities do treat mankind, their owner kin. Everything regarding them usually is postponed, put at the bottom of the heaps, at the far end of the bench backed by vaguely uttered thus never comprehensive mumblings. Just to protract.  

Real reason: huge moneyflow from North to South, the most efficient no beggars' because being proud humanitarian support. Thus begrudged by noisy low financial level northern breadwinners highly recompensed. E.g. some Organization proudly announcing that out of USD 200 Million they managed to send USD 120 Million to supported countries. Where are the remaining USD 80 Million? Where did arrive the balance of USD 120 Million? Pocketed somewhere, goods sold for money or for bribe? They just do not know by lack of control, they "trust" their system!!

Moneyflow though NON-Banks - comprehensive calculus: 1 Million people send 1 Thousand each per year in fact send 1 Billion
I.e. a One and Nine ZEROS. Multiply by whatsoever. E.g. Number of People times amount times times, you will understand as to why there is fear caused by the threat of drain.

Example: 3'000'000 foreigners abroad send 1000 USD yearly to their kinfolk
The result thereof is the real thing: a significant CashDrain of 3'000'000'000. Imagine when they do this twelve times in a year!!! USD or whatsoever currency amounting to some USD 36'000'000'000. Money transferred not through the interest picking banks but against a commission by some Institutions granting the money to be available for cashing within one hour or two. It is money urgently used in the indebted country. Thus a good reason to fight off and send back foreign people. Imagine all the crediting countries would repatriate that paper by buying durable goods? How would they react??? First by political pressure, new tax and customs to be invented, retarded and restrictive managment of the foreign exchange as well as the capital transfer. Finally by just refusing to deliver. What can the others do??? Rediculous and helpless composed resolutions to be but vetoed??? There will be blackmail taken out from the lowest drawer ever witnessed for the last 50 years (only 50!) By the way this money mostly is used to import durables as well as food from Europe and Fareast; another reason . . . .

copyright thomas ramseyer