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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

USA: US government at its wit's end - the real reason for the recent finance system's crash - to cure austerity

Author Thomas Ramseyer
3. März 2009
US government to detect and reveil what they think to be the real reason for the crash. Their people lack credit knowledge. The Administration launches a website for to educate the myriades of creditors widely spread all over the US. - Ridiculous . . . just monkey jacket business. They real thing being austerity they would rather prepare the people to save and starve instead of have their bodies talk the adverse to the souvereign.

Some people not impacted by the disaster
It is understood that this time "the US" means the developed states: texas, California, New York, New York City, Washington, Pensylvania, Florida. Only the Amish, Mormones, Witnesses, Apalachan boys and the Everglade people to not owe. They only owe each others, no banks, no interest rates thus no liquidity pressure. The crash does not affect them. They and the mountenairs maybe be the drivers in the seats.

Lateral thinkingto helping to cure the starving system
The situation being exceptional something exceptional has to be done. Something inventive and very new to anybody. Nobody would offend, their savings saved. No pimping up liquidity is needed causing the desaster at a later stage.

Untruly booking rules imposed
Instead of manipulating balance sheets and profit and loss statements by untruly have their clerks change the rules of evaluation - which in earlier times people got sacked for - they simply can unwind all the derivative positions. Unwind them at the original conditions as if they never have been signed. Lehman just would rise as phoenix from the ashes. The whole financial system will recover. But this is not wanted by the buyers of the infrastructure they would rather want to pick the shattered enterprises from the ground.

In the US people with no creditor's reckord never ever are eligible to get a credit. Paying down a credit of USD 10'000 leads to next time get the double; this too ridiculous. For each USD 10'000 interest paid monthly to the greedy banker those ignorants in fact are fussing about with some USD 200'000; they keep up with the Joneses. An interest rate increase of 1% at a level of 5% means their costs exploding by some 20%. This provoking their depositing their house keys.

SuggestionJust do the thing instead of talking like a baby with faces not matching the words you utter. Be transparent, honest and of integrity, inform the people consider them mature.

© Thomas Ramseyer