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Thursday, May 23, 2013

CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst Institute - an American invention - the conflict of interest

Given the fact that the majority of banks' employees in the wealth management sectors are chartered financial analysts (CFA), it is evident that the aforesaid have failed to prevent the Investment Industry from evil practices.

It is a pity to draw the audience's attention to the fact that the CFA Institute integrity list collides with its members' dependancy on bonus schemes and goodwill of their bosses. The hire and fire mentality rampant in that industry leads to misbehaviour regarding all stated 50 ways.

Main advice to survive in that business has always been "a dog shall never bite the hand feeding it".

One of the main unethical behaviours of CFA-Holders is that they are aiming at only employing their own streamlined kind. This gradually leads to degeneration.

Well meant but never achieved:
CFA Institute Integrity List: 50 Ways to Restore Trust in the Investment Industry

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