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Saturday, October 18, 2014

NIGERIA - lacking machinery thus using hands, shovel, picks and the sort to construct and build

Author thomas ramseyer
It is clear-cut: everybody can contribute to the betterment of Nigeria's economy to everybody. WE just start in a small place. We do NOT talk, we do not ask, we walk, we do it...   There will be NO charity. There is no need asking churches, governments, all non-government-organisations, non-profit-organisations, WorldVision, Helvetas, Caritas and other "Help"Organisations, Foundations abroad...   ..   at any rate they will NEVER assist. Nigerians as well as all persons interested int the development of Nigeria and her economy MUST do it by themselves. Just start it on small scale.

Advantages of the Nigerian Population
some FACTS

1) We know that 70% of all Nigerians are living at or below poverty line.
2) We all know that half of the population is 18.3 years (median) of age or below.
3) Thus half of the population is 18.31 years of age or above...
4) Only a tiny portion of Nigeria's population is 65 years of age and above...  very tiny portion

Advantages derived

Advantage Number 1) 70% ... maybe up to 90% of the Nigerians have NO DEBT. (e.g. American students once graduating have debts of some USD 80'000 to USD 250'000 depending of the University and they time they consumed to finish the studies)

Advantage Number 2) Nigerians are eager to learn

Advantage Number 3) Nigerians are only paid when there is work, this in certain areas and fields on a daily basis.

Advantage Number 4) If understood Nigerians will NOT wait for gear and machines (cheap excuse of some contractors) Nigerians will bring what they almost unlimited have; their work force. (I saw Nigerians build a house where the only machines seen on site were a concrete mixing machine with a generator included and boring gear to look for water to be pumped up. In short; to build a house only the material needed must be bought; the rest which is workforce is provided by the people.

Numerous Nigerians are able to build roads, dams and railways just as the chinese did some 60 years ago. Instead of waiting for machines to come or Chinese to come bringing everything along from their country Nigerians could start building desperately needed infrastructures on their own simply using what they have; unlimited workforce.

If adequately paid, people will participate, use their pay to boost the economy.

to be continued..