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Monday, October 13, 2014

USDP - United Social Democrats Party - 18'125 Members all over the world

18'125 Members
1%o of Nigeria's population

Imagine that power: 18'125 members of United Social Democrats party Nigeria
Once they unleash - and believe me they will - their financially potent power, they are going to change a lot of bad things to their betterment.

Nigeria's population will be in the position to witness an upswing never seen before. An upswing also to the 70% of Nigerians living at or below poverty line.

This is OUR target area; have the majority of the population partake in that endeavour.

WE are heading for the betterment of 95% of  Nigerias citizens NOT ONLY for the 5%.

No dashing wanted, no charity wanted, no begging wanted
Nigerians are recalling the fact of becoming what they once have been; proud warriors, bred winners, family-mothers, family fathers, members of a sane society what they were and want to become again.

Get rid of the dinosaur style government, lawmakers, get the fresh and modern ones.

Get the so called unemployed "youth". [unemployed youth are between 18 and 49 years of age; the most promising potential other counties would appreciate to have]

WE are not going to beg for money; beggars are on their knees, crawling in yoruba-style flat on their bellies in front of some dirty filthy oga.... 

NO!!! we do not bend our heads nor knees anymore. WE shall overcome. WE shall do it.

WE do not TALK - we are bound to WALK

Crucial questions

1) What if a shareholder company emerger from the depths of USDP-followers?

2) What if the shareholder company's purpose, vision, goal will be the development of Nigeria's domestic economy??
[This mainly the production sector (industry). And this NOT by asking foreign companies to come to Nigeria to suck the hell out of Nigerian workforce BUT by having foreign companies to found joint ventures owned by at least 51% by Nigerians, have them transfer knowledge, science, experienced skills to Nigerians by treaty (Chinese approach!, they did this to the Western World). To the Nigerians the work, to the Nigerians the knowledge, to the Nigerian the science. To the Nigerians salaries deserving the expression salaries for the latter ones enabling Nigerians to start decent lives, fulfilling their dreams.

To cut it short: the more they produce, the more they earn, the more they consume, the more they invest, them more jobs are being created. The more infrastructure is build, yet more jobs are made available, the more salaries are paid, the more consumption is emerging, the more houses are rented or bought, the more houses are constructed....    a never ending upward spiralling will be kicked off..

If the right people get seated on Rocks, Benches, Chairs, Stools, Thrones all over the country ... this even in Abuja, where the dreamdancing Aso Rock Dancers are to leave their seats because they will NEVER EVER change their attitudes. They became rich and richer to the disadvantage of the Nigerian Population. And they want to serve another turn to get even richer. Don't forget, have them leave!!! And this for

3) What if the shareholder company's shareholder capital were fully paid and liberated??

4) What if the share's denomination (face-value) was 1 NGN, 0.01 USD, 0.01 EUR, 0.01 CHF, 0.01 GBP dependent on the country where it would be founded??? (Low denomination allow even poor people to participate in a company!!!)
5) What if each USDP-followers bought shares for ... let's assume USD 100 on average????

USD 1'812'500

If they bought shares for USD 1'000 each?????

USD 18'125'000

If they bought shares for USD 10'000 each??????

USD 181'250'000

If they bought shares for USD 100'000 each???????

USD 1'812'500'000

and so on ....

If 90'000'000 Nigerians being 18.3 years (median) of age and above bought shares for USD 10 (ten) which is NGN 1637 (onetousandsixhundredthirtyseven) each the Nigerian population's shareholder company would have
USD 900'000'000 (ninehundredmillion)
available to invest in THEIR COUNTRY NIGERIA.

NGN 147'396'004'000
(onehundredfortysevenbillionthreehundredandninetysixmillionfourthousand Naira)

if each Nigerian aged 18.3 or above invested USD 1000 each the outcome would be USD 90'000'000'000. This is the total export of Bonny light crude Oil for one whole year.

The backflip of the coin;
Nigeria's export relative to her population is NOT much. This because Nigeria lacks industry, infrastructure thus money for the broad population.

It can be seen that the actual government's performance is POOR. As they will never ameliorate their programme, Aso Rock dancing company MUST go!!

copyright thomas ramseyer