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Saturday, April 4, 2009

WEF Davos: non-event, G20 summit: non event - US-President Barack Obama gets cheered while talking of a world without nuclear weapons !!! this man for sure has a dream . . .

Author Thomas Ramseyer
Broad Smiles are not very helpful to solve the actual crisis
Neither do counts about unrealistic dreams. The measures taken are just the ones we have always witnessed; liquidity to save the wealthy and deprive the people of their belongings. Wide mouths do not fit the actual situation the american debt policy has caused once again and will cause as many times as possible in the future.

World War II considered the right remedy to solve joblessness
People shall be aware of the fact that some consider world war II been the right remedy to solve the problem of the then faltering economy. In fact it did. Joblessness in the US, Joblessness in Europe, depression all over the world.

Under the noses of all other countries the political system in Germany turned from democracy to dictatorship. Worldwide nobody offended. Everybody lingered at the sideline to watch not even to comment. Neighboring countries were delighted by having Germany buy all sort of military goods abroad. Certain countries made profit out of Nazi-Deutschland's evil activity.

Whole World as spectator of evil development
Then German Wehrmacht blitzed the bordering countries, everybody let them do. Poland once again was standing in the rain. Great Britain broke its mutual assistance pact just to make sure the flame to spread. They let them destroy soil, seed and food while on the retreat.

Destruction decided in hidden chambers
They already decided to destroy them for good even taking in account collateral damage. Old age people, youngsters, women and children, infrastructure, churches, libraries and others were heavily bombed by cold blooded gamers. Only technically world leading weaponry development plants were spared because their later transfer to the US and the UDSSR to the latters benefit.

Civil economy exchanged for war driven economy
The war driven economy was to replace by a civil driven economy. The money invested through the Marshall Plan - European recovery plan - by United States wealth was paid back x-fold to the investors. I.e. Buy VW and whatsoever other shs at almost zero, have the German people rebuild their economy, create purchase power by the use of the hardest working Germans and skim that milk.
It is evident: nobody seems to find the solution to get the economy brought down by US-policy going again

WEF at Davos in Switzerland:
desperate toppers held lengthy palavers only to prove their unability to solve.

G20 at London in Great Britain:
the same picture; no solution found. A lot of palaver and a lot of promises postponing what matters.

Helpless effort to put economy back on track
For the time being the old means of pumping in liquidity to pimp the economy is being applied. The US force the other countries to undertake the same easing of liquidity for the fronted reason of their currencies not getting too strong. They even buy outright the US-papery money thus preparing the soil for another all countries' ripping off by the US. [As done before the US will "assist" the central banks abroad in neutralizing their domestic liquidity - do not forget, remember; created by domestic central bank action - by raising domestic funds to be converted into USD through the mean of short-term bonds]

Again; start war to create potential of reconstruction ?
Another remedy to solve the problems of the worldwide economies used to be setting war off. The soil thereof is being prepared right now. US vs (Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Irak, Iran, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, North Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan) Russia (Chechnia, Georgia, Poland, Csech Republic) and China (Tibet, Formosa, North Korea) Africa seems to be forgotten, it simply is ignored. There they let Lybia's Ghadaffi do the work. Europe - even the Swiss -, China and others but for the US vs (misled somali fishermen, sudanese riders watched from the sideline while killing darfur people for oil) as well as watching the Congos killed by some rebels forgotten to disarm. (Purpose?)

Northern hemisphere countries arrogantly ignore the southerners - for what purpose?
Why does the north ignore the south in all discussions? Why is the south not part of the summits? Why is the north as arrogant as its countries are proving? Why certain countries are not treated equal but inferior? Why is the northern press reporting only the negatives about the south? Why does the north still publish Keystone's pictures of the very past as if they were of present times? Why is the subharan africa used as a bloody-minded continent?

Easy answer
The answer is easy: we try to keep them ignorant simply for the reason of our desperatly being in need of their resources such as oil, metal and other precious. (still colonialism but very sophisticated) This being done by preventing them from studies - no access to northern universities, no immigration for the purpose of work, no internship allowed, no students' exchange allowed, exclude them from everything to state some of the reasons.

Collateral damage deliberately provoked
Maybe we are preparing to take in account another collateral damage. The latter emerges if we, the northerners, do not assist the subsharan african countries have their own domestic economies develope. There will be problems such as are all over the continent; i.e. Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Kenya and others. Maybe the reason behind our ignoring certain regions is our will to exchange evil and decay against strategic resources.

1) Because of the heavily indebted American population the world wide demand despite overshooting liquidity never will pick up again. (Liquidity is but assisting the ones which commited the faults by having them buy back their debt at lowest levels)

2) America having been the most aggressive importer of durables and strategics so far cannot afford the same behaviour as before. Thus the US economy bobbing up and down for quite some time will prevent all other countries from picking up.

3) The capital investments - renewal and growth of capacities - will not be accomplished without private sector's demand. Liquidity will lack the future being sombre. Bankers are frightened thus parking their money with the ramshakle governments taking advantage of an at least 2 percent interest rate spread.

By applying the overdue remedies of liquidity pump as well as papery explosives the deadbeat economies will never recover. Riots will take place all over the globe the population being keen on survival. Governments will be exchanged forcedly this democratically or by the iron. Armies and police are overrun by numerous people.

1) Assist "poor" countries have their domestic economy develope! [Remember: a lot of them are not wealthy, they have nothing. Having nothing also means having no debt thus they are rich because of being prepared to take off] Do not shock the people by inventing huge plants! There must be small steps to gradually grow the economy. Let people participate!

2) Think a bit farther then to the end of the tip of your noses! [The impact on the global heating and the environment is much higher if wrecking bonuses - instead of used to wreck cars in fact still being roadworthy - are granted to car importers abroad their government proving them to wreck a real ancient dirt providing chinese lorry or an european 60s' car]

3) Assist those countries have blast furnaces build as well as building a recycling iron and steel business.

4) Assist those countries have their people educate on the job thus haveing them get able to run the business on their own.

5) Always find the root, the real reason of things happening! Do not just fight the symptoms. I.e. Horn of Africa.

Final Remarks
Due to demographic's development it is inevitable to assist subsaharan african countries in developping their domestic economies. Thereof a powerful economic force will emerge thus stepping in and having things go on. Given the actual and future pyramid of age due to fertility and mortality the southerners will step in to overtake our infrastrucure while securing our sunset years.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer