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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Impact of the Crisis ? Five children found shot dead ! Father kills himself ! Naive Investigators pondering about motivation action ! Collective suicide

In der Kleinstadt Graham im US-Bundesstaat Washington sind fünf Kinder aus einer Familie tot aufgefunden worden. Die Polizei fand die Leichen der vier Mädchen und ihres Bruders in ihrem Wohncontainer, wenige Stunden, nachdem bereits ihr Vater tot aufgefunden worden waren. Die Kinder im Alter zwischen sieben und 16 Jahren wurden erschossen. Die Ermittler vermuten, dass der 35-jährige Vater seine Kinder umbrachte, bevor er seinem eigenen Leben ein Ende setzte. Das Motiv der Tat ist noch unklar, die Ermittlungen dauern an.

In Washington state's small town Graham investigators report finding familiy shot dead. Police found the corpses of four girls and their brother in a Container serving as the family's accommodation only some hours after the father's dead body has been found. The children aged seven to sixteen years had been shot. Investigators reckon that the 35-year old father has killed his children BEFORE he put an end to his own miserabel life. The motive is not yet known with the police going on in poking the case.
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Author Thomas Ramseyer
5. April 2009

Some questions raised - everybody knows the answers
Since when does the family live in a container? Since when the father is jobless? When did the family loose their house and most of their belongings?

Which Bank or Insitution got hold of the house the latter to be executed? When did the mother leave the family? Did the children still go to school? When hat the father to sell his family car? When did the family do their last real shopping? Were they starving by lack of nutrition?

Why was the father fought off by the town's authority backed by only flimsy reasons? Why did the send him to the desert? Has the family a immigrant background? Where did they come from? How many homeless, jobless, diprived from sanitarian infrastructure, lacking social life, starving poor human beings does this town count?

Why the investigators reckon that the father has shot himself only upon completion of his children's extinction? Do investigators also reckon that the doorhandle has to be pressed down before opening its door? Why those investigators are still on duty? How about the number of criminal incidents solved by Graham Police?

Smal Town Graham: how is the treatment and support of the poor? Does this town take responsibility for all its citizens and infrastructure? How citizens are treated on average? How do the citizens vote? Is the majority republican?

US-State Washington: what does this state undertake as to support its towns, citizens and its rural regions? Does this state take responsibility?

United States of America: what are the actions taken by the democratic - if ever it is democratic - administration to support their people? Why the supportively created money flows only into financial instutions? Why is the people - they are the savers and investors as well as the politicians' and administrators' of all levels employers - being totally ignored by the governments while the parliament has flow the money right to scruffy plants and ramshackle financial institutions? Does their buying back acitivity at cheap levels show the depriviation of the public?

Why the state wants to extend and renovate the infrastructure as well as reorganizing security forces while massive extention? Why does the people always send the wrong ones to govern? Why do politicians only sing fancy tunes for their pepole; no tangibles but only INtangibles, such as " "we Americans are the "hardest" working people on the world (sic!)", we Americans are going to do it "once" more ! Is once more the last time ? Why does the US-Administration think that the rest of the world would be lost without North America ?Why do people al the time witness administrations' arrogance of such magnitude? Why the US-president's mimicry of the russian? Is this entertainment only? Why the Bundeskanzler Merkl has herself invited to the White House by the First Lady only instead of awaiting official initation of the German Republic ?

Why do all political leaders laugh on all occasions despite their knowing about the gravity of the political, economical as well as the military world's situation? Why does Switzerland's president, finance minister Merz NOT laugh nor smile when talking politics and economics?

Merz does not laugh; is he the only one to realize the desperate situation the north hemisphere countries are facing?

The answers just are evident !!
Anybody can answer all by themselves . . . . . . .

Whole world's souvereing, taxpayers thus employers has hired the wrong people which do not realize the problems to be solved; there is no remedy. WEF, G20 and all the frantic travelling as well as the soothing demagogic speeches pregnant with promises, which are not yet ratified by the parliaments due to political or particular interest prove helpless politicens' inability.

copyright Thomas Ramseyer