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Friday, April 12, 2013

NORTH-KOREA - the soil is being prepared for a preemptive Strike against North-Korea

author thomas ramseyer
Once China and Russia are aware of the fact that they also are in reach of 360° offensive North-Korean weapons, they will agree upon preemptively striking this 360° threatening country.

Timeline North-Korea 1992 to present
Korean president cannot stop his aggressive campaign anymore. As the US are not willing to give in anymore an escalation can be predicted.

The ongoing Mantra-like behaviour of western/northern press and politicians is meant to sooth its readers worldwide. They are on the wrong track; North-Korea is way off reality; its president is able to kick off a terrible war.

Expect the unexpted
This is an American saying. When hearing and watching the US-Defense Minister - press considers him having not the necessary experience - the ground for a strike is being prepared. As this can be proceeded by air not much American casualties are foreseen; the US-public may not offend an attack anymore. American General is warning people.

President Obama's remarks do not stop the US from striking first. He only says that a war is not needed. The problem should be solved by political measures taken. He surely knows that nobody can predict Korea's actions to be taken.

North-Korea's president is going to feel being cornered more and more. Given the fact that his army counts for some 1'200'000 soldiers, however how skilled they are, may have him kicking off a severe incident. Simply the outnumbering of this army may cause serious troubles to the worldwide community. Once those soldiers start marching not caring about their own individual death nothing can stop them.

Masskillings by massive bombing of those soldiers will be politically uncorrect. The pressure on US and other defending powers will grow for humanitary reasons.  

It is not helpful when Western Press such as German Spiegel put the Korean President on its FrontPage mocking him riding a rocket and calling him names.
We do not really know how this man will reflect being made a laughing stock not only for the entire wester world but for his own people back home. He considers himself a strongman and will not want to loose his face.

North Korean intelligence for sure is watching carefully what the Western press and its politicians are doing.

The question is: who is going to preemptively strike first? North-Korea or the US?

copyright  thomas ramseyer