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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NIGERIA - eyes and ears of the US - what is US' real purpose of the american warship sold to Nigeria???

Author thomas ramseyer
How to uncover the real purpose of the american warship in Nigeria
Cunning US even sells one heavy warship to Nigerian, which have no clue about running such a vessel. If digging into the matter you will find that Nigerian soldiers and officers onboard are only meant for decoration.

On the real seats in front of various gear are pure thouroughly trained american soldiers, staff and officers positioned enabled to control 360° in a field of several thousand kilometres. Soil and sea as well.

Everything is connected to some centres far abroad e.g. on American soil in Florida (such has been done during irak and other conflicts.

Also it is known, that even small operations such as taking out somebody can be monitored and even attacks can be guided right from the centre of US-command just as if it was a game or tv-show.

Whom does the warship belong to?
Abandon that Nigerian warship of yours (is ist yours?) Put it into quarantine. Have all Nigerians leave that vessel and you will see who really owns that ship (combat range 360°, terrestrial 30 to 50 miles, aviatic up to 250 miles, equipped with death, evil and decay, manageable by stars on shoulders and stripes on pants from overseas and to report.

At any rate that warship is paid by credit because of lack of funds. Sort of playtoy for some frocks. Because of upstream not flowing out no paper flowing in. The tie showing up by the end of the year will be tight, it chokes the people . . . not the elite. The latter being on safe sides.

Airbridge will feed them, foreigners to fill the gaps left by the locals now on shore.

Do never kick them but just leave them . . . alone. Stay friends pretend to thrive for the best for them.

Remove the bunkers along the axis for not becoming Volgograd. If they show face, if they show iron, the whole world is to recognize, the camouflage away. Seven headed counsel shall wheigh the matter, vetoing to stop evil and decay from to emerge out of the dark.

copyright thomas ramseyer