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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Golf of Mexico: Oil spill of 2414 square miles is about to reach the shore of the United States on Friday, April 30, 2010

Author Thomas Ramseyer

Golf of Mexico: Oil spill of 2414 square miles is about to reach the shore of the United States on Friday, April 30, 2010. The disastre is complete. 160'000 tons of oil daily spill into the Golf of Mexico. 1'139'601 Bbl Oil per day. 

CIA estimation 2008:
U.S. proven oil reserves: barrel 20'970'00o'ooo
U.S. daily production 2008: barrel 8'514'000
U.S. daily spill 2010: barrel 1'139'601

Thus some 7.5 days' Golf oilspill amounts to United States' 1 day oil production.
2414 square miles equal a terribly huge field of exactly 49.1326 miles long and 49.1326 miles wide or 56 american football fields.
To imagine the catastrophy's severity the disastrous oil spill has to be considered a long road of 2414 miles by 1 mile. Given a road of a width of 16.4 feet its length would be 482'803 miles. Given someone would drive at a speed of 161 miles/h during 8 hours per day, he would arrive at the end only after 375 days or 1.0274 years.
Imagine . . . ONE YEAR to cover the oilspillroad of 482'803 miles . . . !!
Plugging the leakages is a very difficult task
It will not be possible to plug the leakages. Thus U.S. authorities consider a good idea torching the oil being the appropriate measure to be taken to prevent the U.S. from the deadly invasive oilspill.
Almighty America swaps ONE catastrophy - spilling U.S. shore, kill aquatic and terrestrian biological diversity- for ANOTHER catastrophy - airpollution as well as killing aquatic and terrestrian biological diversity -; another solution evidentially is out of reach. 

Geography and Weather
By allowing drilling/spilling off its eastern coast he U.S. administration risks severely distroying Europe's environment
. Oilspill originated off the eastern coast of Northern America will drift to the east this being the same route Iceland's volcanic ashes have taken.
It is clear cut that Europe will have stop the U.S. from trying to exploit oil at the eastern coast. It is widely known that all wheather and winds stream from the west to the east. Nevertheless this does not bother the U.S. Administration too much. The Golfstream also will carry whatever spill across the atlantic ocean right onshore of British Island as well as Europe. 

Europe and other countries all around the globe have the U.S. stop their oil drilling/spilling programme. For the sake of any living creature's livelihood and its survival, the whole world has to influence the United States because oilspill is in the interest of all countries around the globe. It is not only the Americans ruling the others' environment.
P.S. Roosevelt's Pearl Harbour ---> Kuweit triggered Golfwar Bush senior's Pearl Harbour ---> World Trade Center Bush junior's Pearl Harbour ---> Oilrig disaster Obama's Pearl Harbour???

copyright Thomas Ramseyer