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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

IQ - Intelligence Quotient: a measure to benchmark different components of intelligence

Autor Thomas Ramseyer
December 4, 2008
Critical acclaim to the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
I am very grateful having coincidently stumbeled upon the following website, which to me is the most informative Page about IQ I have ever seen in the net !!

Asia 196 to 82, Europe 102 to 98, Americas 97 to 72, World (first 15) Hong Kong 107 to United Kingdom 100

1) Are IQ-Tests the same for the whole world?
If not, is the median (border 50% below, 50% above) defined by each country? If yes there should be a ranking of the tests as well.

If the above applies, the IQ-estimates would differ even more; i.e. a country having a lower estimated IQ within its borders could upgrade in the world ranking if its educational system were of higher standard. 
Thus I suggest the implementation of ranking educational systems by country, region, continent and world.

3) SubSaharanAfrica to gradually pick up - IQ not shown in the stats
As SubSaharanAfrica is the continent to gradually pick up while becoming an important world economical factor (compare makro factors such as countries'economical balance sheets with the US owing to almost every country in the northern hemisphere) the whole african countries' IQ shall be measured and published as well. 

4) Sample test lacking significance
The sample tested lacks significance and cannot really reflect the whole population's IQ. A lot of tests are taken by means of the internet mainly.
Thus the number of PC-literates as well as illiterates (read and write) affect the results as well; e.g. I have spoken to a lot of poorly educated african people having a lot of common sense. I.e. a lot of them cut short to one sentence - thus showing their abilities (lot of street-wits) - referring to topics for which numerous so called educated people (mainly mainstream book-wits, naive, impressed by greedy quick-wits, struck with infantilism believing leaders of all sort) attend fourtnight courses - even getting diplomas - throughout developped countries to gear up for performing more street-wits.

5) SSA people command cognitive thinking
It is my opinion that SubSaharanAfrica people (SSA) command cognitive thinking as well as social competence i.e. soft skills (street-wits). Fince ages they are taught by oral tradition.

By the way using geographical observations combined with the related hemispheres or countries' development conditions are suggested as well. 

Those are:
NorthWest (NW) (formerly referred to as the "West")
NorthEast (NE) (former communist countries)
NorthFarEast (NFE) (India, China, Northern Korea, Lagos, Vietnam, Thailand and others) to be defined)
South (S) (ASSZ(African South Sahel Zone), or black Africa)
SouthWest (SW) (SouthAmericas, MiddleAmericas)
SouthEast (SE) (Australia, Indonesia, NewZealand and others be defined)

Value added
Comparing IQ-Rankings as suggested to economic condititions and statuses as well as the educational systems, educational situations and demographics will release the awareness as to which countries, continents dispose of the potential needed to smoothen demographic thus economical factors in the future.