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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mad off - it was about high time to finish his mucking about with everybody !!

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart

December 18, 2008
Neutral information about B. L. Madoff in English, German, Italian, French

Only one crook did bury more money than anybody so far: his name ironically was LAW, an Irish who gambled with the money of french aristocracy in the early 1700's by investing in some fake developing in the united states leaving the former almost pennyless. This even is said to have triggered off the French Revolution.

If the suspicions come true Madoff would be the very example of how easy going the authorities, the investors, IRS and the whole analysts around the globe are when they believe in someone's integrity just because once upon a time somebody used to be the head of some institution even cofound by him. More and more so-called experts in finance seem to prove to be cooking with water thinner than H2O. They have become genuine rabble-rousers if not even pied pipers of Hamelin to lure investors' money into becoming lemmings experiencing recurrent mass migration right into the sea to swim to nowhere. Additionally this event is proof for America to be the continent of unlimited opportunities. Compared to the BMIS-creation African 419 and other activities are looking somewhat green.
The actual homepage of the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS) LLC shows the investors community's mournfullnes.
Maybe instead of LLC (Limited Liability Company) it will be better in the future for someone to chose DR (diminished responsibility). Only people proving dumb-bold impertinence do envisage blunt frauds like this.,