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Friday, January 23, 2009

Microsoft sacks 5000 Workers - unburdens its P&L by some USD 1.55 Billion yearly USD 310'000 per capita on average - but: microsoft sacks its own cust

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart

23. Januar 2009

Microsoft sacks 5000 workers - Microsoft relieves the strain on its business results by USD 1.55 Billion per annum i.e. USD 310'000 per capita
reads the other way round:
Microsoft sends 5000 of its most loyal customers to Nirwana - Microsoft provokes further lower Sales Figures of roughly USD 1.55 Billion per annum i.e. USD 310'000 per capita
reads another way around
Microsoft's shortsighted egocentric bonushot Chrissie Liddell and Stevie Ballmer exchange by getting rid of a lot of continually built experience thus irrecoverable streetwits for a mere profane greedy compensation.

Microsoft's Topshot Steve Ballmer shocks employees to enhance goodwill of the Investors' Community by putting the money where their and his mouthes are.

It is evident that the future business development is considered to become even weaker in the years to follow.

Microsoft's net earnings according to press shrinked from USD 4.68 Billion by USD 690 Million (11%) to USD 4.17 Billion.

This diminuation - mind you it is NOT a loss - of the net earnings of USD 690 Million will be more than compensated by a yearly reduction of costs of USD 1'550 Million for the years to come. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Chris Liddell thus foresee for the year 2009 a further decrease of the net earnings of USD 860 Million. Of course this has to be fought off; at the end of the day it is our goal to keep bonus' levels. It is just as easy as that: Microsoft cuts its Labour Force Cost down by laying off some of its perverted to commodity human capital stock.
Liddell's mismanagement is easily to correct by hitting the sack rather than the goat. The firm Microsoft stays the same but for less streetwits. There will be no amelioration nor reorganisation. Microsoft will exit the crisis even more vulnerable than before. Past humanitarian behaviour's effects will be choked; the working clima will gradually become freezing, stress prevent remaining people from creativity. There will be NO innovation.

This proves the shift of paradigm: backed up by helter-skelter somewhat bloated bad and worsening news decisions such as the aforesaid taken are widely accepted by the humble workers.

It is just like the shift of paradigm caused by terrorism and criminality: people call for more safety thus accepting reinforcement of the repressive apparatus such as police and army. Law is altered, the country litterally littered with video cameras, e:mail crawlers as well as eavesdroppers; the see-through citizens become more and more infantile. They do not want to take responsability any more.

"Me-Too" behaviour of chip producer INTEL - it's intel inside, its workers outside
Intel intends closing down some five plants throughout the US and Asia. 5000 to 6000 working places are affected, they simply will get extinct. Thus Intel also sends 5000 to 6000 of its most loyal clients to Nirwana together with their purchase and savings power of USD 1'800'000'000 per year.


  • Laying off labour force is the transmission belt to further faltering economy
  • Consumption will be restricted due to lacking perspectives and gradually lessening of trust in economical and political leaders.
  • Even worse is the fact that longterm informal knowledge (streetwits) are cynically sacrificed for particular interest.

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart