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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Author thomas ramseyer
BitCoin will never substitute any currency
a) They are talking about making Thousands of USD with Bitcoin
b) You also can lose Thousands of USD
c) All they want is selling DVDs
d) Check this out and decide yourselves

Sales Blaa on Bitcoin

The ones entering the market at USD 1000 LOST 50%

1) A currency which has no economy as underlying, is NOT a currency.

2) As the BitCoin is measured in USD, EUR or other currencies.

3) Something with a volatility such as Bitcoin's is not useful as a currency.

4) Something which has an irrational performance is not useful as currency.
Something rocketing from 2.66 (2011-11-28) to 1153.27 (2013-12-13) within 2 years

5) Something moving within 7 weeks from 166 (week ending 2013-10-21) to 1153.27 (week ending 2013-12-13) and back to 424.91 by 1014-04-14 is not useful as a currency.

6) Look also at low and high prices:
Something trading high/low between 548 and 397.16 (week ending 2014-04-14) is NEVER to be relied on. A 137.97% span is beyond anything.

The craziest high/low spread was 1153.27/542.36  (week ending 2012-12-02) which is a span of  212.63%.
Purchase and Sale of  BitCoin
BitCoin Marktplatz Deutschland
1) BitCoin is trading in a very thin market. Only the countervalue of EUR 5'353 could be bought and EUR 12'197 could be sold respectivlely. This market just is highly illiquid.

BitCoins are traide veersus EUR, USD. The flags only hint to the banks' domiciles.
Countervalue of BitCoin in EUR 5'353 available to buy. Just ridiculous.

Countervalue of BitCoin in EUR 12'197 available to be sold. Just ridiculous.

BitCoins werden mittels Bezahlung gegen eine der Hauptwährungen EUR, USD, GBP erworben. Es handelt sich um ein Zahlungsmittel, dessen Wert gegenüber allen Währungen (Crossrates) über den USD errechnet wird.

Es ist zu bezweifeln, dass sich der BitCoin als Zahlungsmittel etablieren wird. Wenn Waren mit BitCoin bezahlt werden, muss der Empfänger in der Lage sein, BitCoins sofort in eine Währung umzutauschen, mit welcher Güter in allen Märkten gekauft werden können.

Daily turnover of BitCoin too small

It is very difficult to realize gains as well as losses.

1) BitCoin-Markt is ILLIQUID.

2) BitCoin is speculative.

3) BitCoin-Erträge (gains/losses) cannot be realized within due time.

4) BitCoin is a matter of belief - even worse than all current papermoney.

5) BitCoin is a rip-off. This has been proved by the crash of one of the offices traiding it.

AdviceBitCoin are not to be touched for serious people. Keep your hands off!!

copyright thomas ramseyer