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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

USA: Vice President Biden sticking his head out to praise Obama for "Landmark" achievements by clearly stating in case of failure the president supern

Author Thomas Ramseyer
18. Februar 2009
Vice President Baden praises US President Barack Obama for "landmark" achievement - the senat have Obama sign the USD 787 billion stimulus bill
It is clearcut that the president elect then did not mean to boldly pimping up the financial system by acting fast and pumping in some USD 787.

While talking about creating 3'000'000 jobs at president's spine in fact citizen supported innovative automotive inventors heavily lay-off thousands of workers having them go down the drain to load the public.

Money talks, the money of only the wealthy people. Exploding by more than USD 1000 billion the actual as well as the future public's debt burdon growths to unknown height just to provoke roaring ups in all the markets by one year before the end of the democratic administration. The paper is coming back to have the durables change the owners.
General Motors (GM) is asking for a toal of USD 30 billion to save the workers' pension fund money by strengthening its balance sheet. To further support the managers' survival heavy lay-offs are being undertaken.

There is a governmental list of wishes. All governments take advantage of the actual crisis to reestablish the infrastructure throughout the country having been neglected for quite some decades because of the former administrations' tax cuts mainly in favour of the uppest class. Roads to mend and to build, railroad system to renovate and maintain, utility plants to repair and modernize, alteration of the safeness, reorganizing airtraffic control, consolidating fire-brigade, police and army (the latter two never (sic!) have ceased being taken care of), school houses, hospitals, public buildings, parks and all the sort. To cut it short: the longtime stepmotherly treated infrastructure.

Financial Intermediaries - GM included (acceptances und pension fund money owed to workers) - manufacturers, part of retailers, lots of wholesalers, import, export (hard and soft) and governments from all over America want the paper cash on the barrelhead. Instead of surviving on actual and earlier levied tax burdening on past's and today's citizens' weak shoulders, yet unborn generations - not to forget: our children, grand- and greatgrandchildren - are meant by certain present greedy people to taking over the environmental as well as the financial mess.

Everybody now is willing for the sake of its owner wellbeing to accept whatever measures taken to boost the economy as well as granting their illusions. Instead of pumping in liquidity to save the wrong ones - banks and bankers count only for a very small percentage of workers. Wealth management does not create value added. It only snatches paper from the purse of isolated individuals. Pure illusion; the bankers for sure have proven it. Do not forget: the cash injections are done for the benefit of the various governments. In fact they now get back the unlevied taxes of the past. Not many people are going to be reemployed.

A growing economy is but based on a growing population. The northern populations started to become less numerous If there is no demand for goods, nothing has to be manufatured, if nothing has to be manufactured, capacity is never reached, utilisation of capacity being low there is no investment, no replacement nor maintaining. Heavy sacking to fix return on equity is being brought forward. Social wellfare not yet developped jobless are to starve. Social perturbation will emerge to be suppressed by well equipped security forces. The latter never have been neglected, weaponry spearhead in all places, discarded metal still controlled dumped to others. The spiral of wrath.

Does Government have backup plan if stimulus bill fails? - The real thing
The simples' answer just is YES!
Forget about jobcreation in economic systems. As history proves domestic problems have alway been channelled to the outside. The only thing a good reason has to be given to the people upon the former to be unleashed. Rogue nations to define is easy. Just put illusive pictures in their heads. Crusaders sent by rabble-rousers to starve and die from swords - for nothing but for space at home.

17'000 additional american troopers to be sent to Afghanistan their chief to be not trusted anymore. Trouble is to be with Pakistan.
Swiss Government to sell offensive weapons to India - do thea attack?
Swiss Government to sell defensive weapons to Pakistan - are they attacked?
Swiss Government to be restrictive not only on weaponry but on all other goods as well.

Who is to starve?
Answer is simple - the weak and poor living in the south.
Swiss Government a vassal of the states? It seems!

Pakistan based terrorists attack the metropole of India. Why? Whose strings those puppets are fastened to?

Gaza strip a Ghetto and a reservoir of hatred to produce the wanted terrorists legitimate to eliminate. Westbank literally littered by the settlers to ensure other hatred too.
Middle east - a stronghold against the ancient locals? Never, the latter being too irenic only want the peace. It is just like the travellers' children taken away to settle down.The parents fetching back the former were accused of child abduction thus were punished.
Never ending riots and killings on the Ceylon Iland eagerly watched and welcomed by the northern countries. Pirates on the coast at the horn of africa have move the chinese in for just to try. Others to support the peaceful loopway is to skip thus giving reason to unclasp. Watchers again!

At Darfur people living atop the wrong being the wanted are pestered even killed to leave. The need for resources through the money talking.

Zimbabwean decenniums ruling maniac to be protected by the north thus hinder the former nutrition producing country's development. We just watch hushed by the leaders. Congo, Ruanda just the same.

Liberia not repacified by where they came from. Wanted or not? The southerners themselves moved in to make the peace. This within a fraction of the time.
America just tries to use the well known means. This can easily be told from the diplomatic activities. Foreign minister to hit the road for going to some declining population which even has their elders sleeping in the street. The president travels to Canada . . . What for? To ease the money, persuade them to consume. It will be difficult with all the fear rampant in the mainstream.

It is evident; the priorities are set wrong. The markets have been hit and impacted by something different not yet understood. Opening a market does not mean looking for somebody in the money to then lure him into trouble i.e. debt, more debt and still more debt. We have to develope new markets with all the consequences of that activity. It is easy; just spot the people with no debt. Also is recommended the paying down debt far more aggressivly. The governments must provide incentives for the citizens to starve. Not only educate them in managing their debt. But lead them back to ancient behaveour, back to the roots. First save then buy. Things are to wear to threads again. Do not throw away intact goods just for the fancy and the bluff. Do not remunerate the people for destroying things still good just for having money flow. Shorten the balancesheet by taking off the debt. I.e. they save and starve or die.

Black man elected for to soothe the black to keep the innocent hoping for the better. Now he is talking only about the domestic locals' benefits. Others are marginalised. We understand. Maybe it's gonna work!

copyright Thomas Ramseyer