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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Switzerland: Swiss government to fight faltering economy by lazy CHF 700'000'000 - CHF 100 Million impact welcomed by Econometrics' followers already

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart

12. Februar 2009
Five measurelets taken - five droplets to get lost on their way to the desert
Direct investments
Infrastructure such as highways, railways, buildings to build and renovate,support of regional political projects as well as research
First loss insurance
Refinancing cost for exporters to be reduced tapping financing to alleviate
Real estate
Further renovation to be triggered by altering law
Short-time work
Lay-offs to circumvent at least reduce by allowing to tap compensation money for 18 instead of 12 months
Firms may allow education without obligations
Tax - so called cold progression
2010's tax to already be corrected by inflation rate two years earlier in 2008 than envisaged: CHF 400 Million not transferred from taxpayers to the government. Furthermore government disencumbres families rich with children. The shortfall for the government will amount to some CHF 600 Million.
Net amount to flow into Swiss economy counts but for some CHF 100 Million. A lot of useless grammar spoken to soothe the anxious people.
Nothing else but hectic hustle to hide the governments shifting people's money from left to right and up to down. [no cost support (sic!)]
To visualize the following is stated:
GDP Switzerland CHF 492'600'000'000
Package #2 CHF 700'000'000
Percentage of GDP % 0.00142103
Lay-offs per 10'000
Missing purchase power CHF 3'000'000'000
(Example 6. Februar 2009
UBS sacks further workers
9000 announced in the year 2008
9000 added on for 2009)
Helpless government at least tries
The airless breeze is scarcely sensed. Efficient measures shall be taken. Pumping up one tyre with the compression of another really does not help.
© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart