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Sunday, February 15, 2009

UBS-debacle: Arena - but a palaver - how to ru(i)n a country

© Thomas Ramseyer-Volkart

14. Februar 2009
Arena of Friday 13, 2009
UBS-debacle: how much government do we need?

Simonetta Sommaruga:
upper house | Social Party Berne|President of consumer protection foundation
Toni Brunner: lower house | Swiss People Party Thurgau|President (SVP)
Ruedi Noser: lower house | Liberal Democtratic Party (FDP)|Vice President FDP

FDP's Vice President cannot listen to other people's speeches. He persitently and impolitly pesters other parties' speekers. Tries to apply unfair dialectics.
His one and only real true remark was that he as well as the whole audience do not know what they are talking about.
No offence from any corner this meaning that everybody agreed being ignorant about the problem.

SVP's President has realised that roughly 80 % of the jobs are granted by the KMU (small and middle size enterprises). It is well known that KMU's tend to not lay-off their employees which almost are members of their families; the take responsibility whereas big worldwide firms such as UBS, CS, HoffRoche, Novartis, Ciba and similar sack people for whatever stated reason. They just consign the surplus workers - white as well as blue collars - to the government which means to the remaining employees - white as well as blue collars -. By the way SVP's President is able to listen to other's remarks.

Consumer protection foundatios President is able to maintain a concise speech and does not loose their temper which as a mother she should have done already at the start. She can feel the real problem; bankers' selfcontrol being nothing but sweetening words. She wants the government to take over thus always being hooted down by help- and ruthless liberal defending their establishment and sincecure.

The Arena - another collateral fuss.
Never they discuss the real thing - work for the benefit of the people - getting stuck on minor interests led by ignorant moderators.

It is never the medias' goal to back the souvereign - people, citizens, fathers, mothers, children, COSUMERS and MANUFACTURERS, SAVERS of the money, SAVERS of the economies, real drivers in the seats, together they but scattered.

Most members of the establishment only team up with their owner pockets. It is but as easy as that.

The Swiss and other countries' leaders going on by collaterally fuss about the worldwide economy is to go down the drain. Unusual occurrence demands unusual remedy.

Governments are not able to sort it out. They just are fighting with the ancient tricky measures; pimping up the markets by pumping in liquidity thus to furnish people with low rate credit having them indebt up to over the brim of
their hats thus depriving them of real goods such as houses and other durables.

Suggestion: mature souvereign to take over from the ignorant
Let people take over by simply inviting them to reduce debt - even so called eternal mortgage - of all kind with all the consequences for only a fistful enterprises representing some 200'000 white collar workers. (Total people employed: roughly 3'800'000)

Effect: the equity of the financial intermediaries increase relativ to their debt (debt/equity ratio) by forced shortening of their balance sheets because of people paying down their debt. Collateral effect: savings accounts and wealth diminish by the amount of paid down mortgage debt and other.

Debt: driver for fancy products leaving everybody helpless
As all the financially creative banks' acrobats base on debt only, debt has to be forbidden with all consequences to the intermediaries. Bankers, regulators, politicians, people thus all citizens are no longer overstrained. Life will be easier but more sustainable.

Central banks to get back full control
Have central banks get back full control over the central bank money by simply burn all the heap of ancient paper. Than establish payment only possible by debitcards not bills nor coins.
Rule: no deposit no consumption
(no small loans allowed) austerity and saving first only then consume or invest)

Regulators to get back control
over financial intermediaries such as banks, insurances, investment managers as well as exchanges by simply asking them to fully consolidate all their exposures. Also dig in the asset re-establish cost of derivatives and passiv re-establish cost of derivatives, have them state the notional. Get thourough knowledge about booking rules used to outwit almost everyone. Aks for "available for sale", "hold to maturity". What can be done with such classification. Only roughly CHF 35 Billion instead of CHF 68 Billion needed to take over toxic assets from UBS's and others' balance sheets by changing the rules of decent booking maybe by reclassification of assets the latter formerly forbidden.

Demographics: have a look at the long term development demographics and act upon elucidation, get the contact.

Educate all people involved with diplomacy about culture, ethnics, history, religion, psychology, evolution, economy, dialectics, demographics and language. Have them talk openminded thus not hooded nor contorted.

Do not have other countries blackmail switzerland. Just look for alternatives; there always are. We do not crawl in vain.

Anybody threatening to leave the country just let him pack his things and go. The bigger they think they are the rather let them clear away not allowing them to dump their garbage.
Do not have them treat you bullshit and inferiour. Just proceed like Switzerland's delegation to palaver with the US at the WEF. Do not accept, leave them alone.

Have them educate themselves in all the above-stated focussing on economy and business administration as well as languages.

Daily business
Run governments of all the sort just like a commercial business. Get rid of fancy exotic expressions such as Vorschlag, Rückschlag, Abschlag, Rechnung, Fahrhabe, Schulgut, Kirchengut used but for unsettling people.

Government, Parliament
Let people vote on easy drafts. E.g. voting participation more than 50%, free movement of persons: only one question! Result very reasonable despite both campaigns being worthless.

Do not let politicians have sovereign vote on complex drafts pretending citizens being mature enough to understand complexity not understood by all sort of politicians counsellors included.

Pioneers needed rather than outdated overdue administrators

Run the country just like a business, think widerange and openminded, have flexibility and innovative power.

Be pioneers rather than administrators.

© Thomas Ramseyer