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Thursday, April 12, 2012

NIGERIA - other countries as well - concept to be invented to support people participating in the development of their countries' domestic infrastructure by tackling small tasks to be realized in due course of time - milespebbles replacing milestones easily achieved to be proud of

author thomas ramseyer
modular multifunctional differently sized buildings at the taste of potential owners
about to tackle a new project in nigeria: multifunctional modular premises on closed secure compound. can be built taylor made according to builder's taste and the funtionality he wants to implement. this project will be a sort of blueprint. concept, architectal plan, construction ingeneer's static calculus, environment impact report, thus procedures, necessary steps, logistics will be available for free. the idea is that idle youngsters shall be recruited in the streets by local people - members of my nigerian family, acquainted with me, tested, weighed by me, which I trust. everybody will be shareholder of the task operation, finance and planning as well as supervision done physically done by me. I will be present in the field every day. 

free of cost input, free education, training and coaching granted, locals to become trained craftsmen - time frame six to ten months
all my input will be free of cost. no payment wanted. the task will be that once the compound built those former idle forces are able to build the same or modules composed to the taste of the future owner in due time and of identical quality. I shall assist and it is my task to educate and coach people doing the same job as I do. it is my strong belief that within two weeks all those people become craftsmen.

free formation on the job tutored, coached and guided by me of directing people - time frame one to three years
the people coping with finance, legal, banks, lawyers, bookkeeping, logistics, supervision, insurance, hiring, firing, implementing new task force groups for whatsoever business, setting up their entities will be trained and coached by myself. they will be operational within four weeks the formation to be fully fledged will be completed by three to four years. upon completion of any formation there will be an ongoing learning processus. to get wide mindsets those people are going to be coached abroad to see, watch, learn on activity and on the jobs thus enabling them to cognitivly think leading to new ideas thus having them develope further tasks by their own initiative.

anYKon°4free to become STIFTUNG in Switzerland and FOUNDATION respectivly in on sight countries
for those reasons and that purpose anYKon°4free will become a Stiftung in Switzerland and a "foundation" in Nigeria respectivly.

all concepts are going to be made available 4free to anyone serious of all regions of the world for enabling them to participate in building up domestic economies all over the places.

p.s. progress to be documented here as well as on and other blogs and spread to numerous people throughout the world.
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