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Friday, April 6, 2012

NIGERIA - BLOGCLUSTER - once its population understands, SSA will boost - this is my strong belief

author thomas ramseyer
NIGERIA - Debts on the Rise Again - STOP Trans-Saharan-Higway project; it is not a necessity, never for the people

NIGERIA - ECONOMY - DOMESTIC ECONOMY - Chinese approach to be implemented - force foreign producers to start activities in Nigeria - transfer of knowledge, skills and experience to Nigerian workers and employees mandatory

NIGERIA - oil market - Swedish Alfa Laval to tackle Nigerian Oil Market

NIGERIA - Aviation College to acquire 10 planes - BRAZIL - EMBREAR ideal partner

NIGERIA - letter to Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, Governour of Kwara State, Nigeria

NIGERIA - ACN - Anti-Corruption Network - Honorable Dino Melaye - Executive Secretary of the Anti-Corruption Network - a man to be heard of in the future

NIGERIA - BRIAN BROWNE - G20 Moscow Russia: Financial speculation feeding food and job crises

NIGERIA - Budget 2013 - impact of bunkering on Excess crude oil account and Economy
NIGERIA - Oil - Excess Crude Account
Definition of 'Excess Crude Account'

NIGERIA - read more on OIL and BUDGET

NIGERIA - Excess Crude Account's Growth

NIGERIA - Oil - Quality - Capacity

NIGERIA - MONEY TRANSFER - other means but WESTERN UNION - to transfer money - moneytransfer systems - Skye Global Account for Nigerians in Diaspora

Nigeria might trigger world wide economy

NIGERIA - ECOWAS - Nigeria lending her ears to the wrong advisors

- how to solve the problem of faltering northern hemispherian economies - transporT4free knowledge/know-how/experience/skills and science from CENTRAL NORTH to SOUTH

Nigeria is able to trigger off world wide economy if only its politicians become serious about changing the everything overruling system

NIGERIA - CIA to spoil Nigeria's reputation

SYSTEM - CHARITY - AUSTERITY - AUTARKY - to tie down southerners where they are not really belonging to - calm down the consciences of northerns - they donate as upon any catastrophy - only real profit takers are the governments boasting with "OUR" helping hand while selling overdue stock to the whatsoever charity organisations

NIGERIA - NO FATAL MARSHAL PLAN NEEDED - Nigerian National Bank's Mr Sanusi sees a sort of Marshal plan for kicking off domestic economy in all Nigeria's regions

NIGERIA - development of a boosting domestic economy

NIGERIA - ECOWAS - WESTAFRICA - SUBSAHARAAFRCA -solving economy - knowledge transfer from north to south to rescue northern economies
new order for prosperity
the idea is quite simple; knowledge, skills and know-how built by experience are to be transferred from the northern to the southern hemisphere

Every single person shall be interested in the development of autarchy in southern countries by granting free education
NIGERIA - ECONOMY - FUTURE - Global Economic Crisis - Remedy for sagging economy throughout the northern hemisphere

Demographics: foreseeable future - adolescents' numbers' major shift from the northern hemisphere to SubSaharan Africa by 2050