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Friday, April 13, 2012

POLITIK - US - the spider in its net is omnipresent - Clinton says that USA have contact with the people on the ground - CIA agitators on Syrian soil

author thomas ramseyer
The USA, self appointed world police - they'd rather sweep right outside their house, next to their own threshold

Doing business with the US is only possible if American law contracts are signed. All other countries' people have to file their data if roaming inside the US. They bring money into those states risking to get pestered by police, put behind bars without any reason, cut off from their families and the possibility of contacting their countries' embassies or their country's administration back home. 

They can be incarcerated for quite some time whithout even knowing the offence they are said to have committed. If lucky they might be prosecuted by the people of the United States thus judged by them in court. As easy they can end up in detention somewhere even on the island of the islands. It depends on some paranoic individual suspecting them and later declaring them terrorists or at least terrorist supporters.

All countries located in World War II GI-freed regions brownnosedly bow and nod off anything coming from the US and their officials. They are sitting in front of their implicitly threatening war machinery just like rabbits in front of a snake well knowing that they are considered but food to the latter.

Because of the EU fatally gathering all the ancient crappy Sovjet strategic buffer countries the latter can be included as US-ruled soil as well. The US-soldiers are sitting right under the noses of those countries' people having been let in by corrupt administrations. They pretend being on the watch of countries located in the south-east.

But in fact they are sitting like a spider in its net right in the heart of geographical Europe. Equipped with technically outstanding sophisticated longrange weaponry covering some 360° to potentially being fought sometimes in the future. This potentially hostile infrastructure - manned by thouroughly trained special forces, ready to play with the buttons led by some brilliant brains far away across the atlantic ocean lying in the sun, talking the very same language thus easily understood, ready to strike if commanded without hesitation nor questioning the orders given - is a thorn in the flesh of Russia. They are but soldiers, in case of war and too many questions paired with dos and donts arising, might get shot by their own just to ensure loyality of the survivors. They are tough and able to practice inhumanity to achieve their ultimate goal. Not the people but the system backed by few.

US-agitators always inside countries - Central Intelligence Agency CIA agitators always are on site. Since the thirties of last century America has started to build up a worldcovering network. Their last continent to smoothly conquer is SubSaharaAfrica. It can be seen that US-Infrastructure - Westafrica's ECOWAS countries Nigeria focussed - were recognized and thus declared being of high strategic interest to the US some five to ten years ago.

High strategic interest to the US always covers natural resources important for but lacked by the US. This is the reason why the US are building up a chain of small fortresses manned by highly educated and very well skilled soldiers. The former camouflaged as supportive infrastructure the latter as developpers. Embassies can be included; a lot of armourd concrete has been built in there. The bricks are strong with bullet proof windows heavily secured by technical infrastructer as well as high class tough fighters.

Wherever and whenever there is trouble, riots, rebellion and other weird activity; the United States of America are present. It can affirmativly be assumed that the USA are present in any country in the Middle East as well as every country around the world. Only the longtime ignored and forgotten SubSaharaAfrican Countries have never been of interest before. Only South Africa SA considered important to building wealth for the reason of natural resources such as gold, diamonds and other gems, foodstuff as well as wine to be observed and built in as a stronghold.

It is never the people. They are but economic factors just like anywhere them and there activity to fill statistics. SA can be considered a northern hemisphere country; strategically as well as tactically it belongs to ancient West.

Every country which bears oil in its soil is thouroughly supervised by the US. This by satelite - even cars' platenumbers can be read thus the car owner is always identifieable. However, the occupying people joining to ride that car, never can be known. Thus there is only a certain probability that a given person is inside that car. This is why in case of a technical areal attack to get rid of socalled bad people there is a lot of collateral damage. Collateral damage in those cases means not only body guards but parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren and even innocent schoolmates given a ride to their schools.

Right now they are about to spread their tentacles around the SubSaharians. Heavily equipped warship manned by thousands of US-special forces the latter also led by people with might and power embroydered by some decorative men, kinfolks of ignorant kept onshore people. The US Intelligence sitting in five corners as well as Langley all of a sudden got aware of the fact that China, their sole opponent in menhood's future, our children children's children, has been moving in since decades.

China furnishing America with money - it is about to be repatriated in the form of goods, technique, skills, longtime experience built by former european scientists as well as basic material officially getting negative monthly trade balances - is improving not by frog leaps.

They will be in the orbit and on the moon which the US cannot do anymore for the reason of lacking money, their dollar considered but illusive paper by all educated people knowing that this paper is to vanish in flames and smoke. They are about to get awake . . . wide awake, not wide eyes shut.

copyright thomas ramseyer