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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Autor thomas ramseyer
NO - also WHO with WHOM?

This Interactive List of the Armed Forces of the world provides an excellent Insight of the Conditions of the World's armed forces. They are sortable according to different criteriae. For displaying the countries are allocated according to a geographic point of view to aim at vast geographical Regions. I.e. Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Ocania, Europe.

What is striking is that the NATO spends 2.85% of the GDP, thus USD 914'552'000'000 with soldiers counting for some 3'809'945 for its armed forces. Thereof the US-administration spends USD 636'000'000'000 (4.1% of the GDP) with 1'429'995 soldiers available. Per capita the US-administration spends some USD 444'757. The US-administration spends USD 636 Billion or 43.5% respectivly of the whole world's expenditure of USD 1'463.2 Billion for military purpose.

(As a comparison: Switzerland spends 0.91% of its GDP with 120'000 Soldiers or USD 28'508 per Soldier.)

Is striking; the NATO spends USD 914 Billion (OVKS USD 87 Billion) or USD 240'043 (OVKS USD 60'265) for each soldier. Japan as a stronghold on behalf of the US-administration spills USD 41 Billion - USD 173'372 for each soldier, this for a total of 240'812 soldiers

(As a comparison: Switzerland spends USD 3.4 Billion or USD 28'508 per capita ranked 61 per soldier and ranked 141 for the military expenses as a Percentage of the GDP.)

Military expenses

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