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Friday, March 28, 2014

NIGERIA - OILDREAMS - a lot for the country - not much per capita

Author thomas ramseyer
The illusion of giving Oilmoney to every Nigerian
Source: Cia The Factbook
Waiting for the government of Nigeria to share Oil-Money with each of the citizens does not help the population. The amount of oil sold to abroad is looking high. Per Nigerian citizen the oil export accounts for USD 502 per year, USD 41.84 per month, USD 1.39 per day.

Nigeria is considered a rich country by Northern Hemispherians. They do not assist. All they want is taking advantage of the Nigerian resources and her population.

177,155,754 (July 2014 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):
$292'000'000'000 (2013 est.)

GDP per head:
USD 1'649 per year;
USD 137.47 per month,
USD 4.58 per day.

Revenues: $23'850'000'000
Expenditures: $31'510'000'000

country comparison to the world: 38

Exports - commodities:
petroleum and petroleum products 95%
for USD 88'870'000'000
cocoa, rubber

oil per head:
USD 502 per year;
USD 41.84 per month,
USD 1.39 per day.

Exports - partners:
US 16.8%, India 11.5%, Netherlands 8.6%,
Spain 7.8%, Brazil 7.6%, UK 5.1%,
Germany 4.9%, Japan 4.1%, France 4.1% (2012)

USD 55'980'000'000
country comparison to the world: 52

import per head:
USD 316.27 per year;
USD 26.35 per month;
USD 0.87 per day

Imports - commodities:
machinery, chemicals, transport equipment,
manufactured goods, food and live animals

Imports - partners:
China 18.3%, US 10.1%, India 5.5% (2012)

Trade balance in favour of Nigeria
USD 37'570'000'000

Current account balance in favour of Nigeria
USD 16'160'000'000

External debt of Nigeria
USD 15'730'000'000