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Saturday, June 7, 2014

facebook - NIGERIA - @ Blessing Obomovo - the truth is alway bitter ....

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Mr President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is paying too much to get elected for another term.... Nobody understand that president anymore...

It is also difficult to understand the whole senat.. there are women as well as men in that Senat... they do not give a damn about what is happening in the northeast of Nigeria. This is what the people all over the "western" world is saying about that useless parliament of Nigeria.

I just tell you about what can be heard overhere.
  • Blessing Obomovo That thomas guy should mind his buziness pls

  • Benjamin Amaechi Blessing: he get owerri wife o

  • Blessing Obomovo It does not matter let him keep his opinion about our country to himself jare. Its our problem and we will sort things out ourselves.

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Blessing Obomovo: I am living in a country where everybody has the right to build his opinion. Also everybody is allowed to speak up. You, Blessing Obomovo, are the very last man to forbid me to talk. Also I am your elder, father of three children (two men 33, 37, one woman 27) as well as one grandchild. I have numerous godchildren I am taking care. AND YOU, Blessing Obomovo, have the guts to teach me, what is appropriate. Are you supporting BH?? What did you do for your country but hanging around the corners in the street? Just tell me!! Also I believe that your parents did not bring you up very well. YOU must be an arrogant RACIST.

    You mean that I should not care about a country where my family are living.

  • Thomas Ramseyer Also it is the concern of every human being if people are slaughter, hacked to death, getting cut their throats, burnt in their own houses, mosques or churges, abducted from schools.

    I suggest Blessing Obomovo to read some books about history as well as getting interested in whatever is happening in Westafrica, Eastafrica, Northafrica, Southafrica as well as in the whole world. Because finally everything might have its impact even on Nigeria Mr. Blessing Obomovo included.

  • Benjamin Amaechi Is it not even better that we air our views than saying them behind..i was in the midst of some European /american investors some years ago...during the conference they are all hailed Nigeria and made our private moments...for some reason they started trusting me or felt i am harmless...what they said were unprintable...i was mad and kept talking and talking...but i took a few things home

  • Benjamin Amaechi BO: In my case ..the non Nigerians turned everything update down...concern for the country was genuine...but they stuck to their i remember them now and i picked some tings from them..i hope they picked some from my submissions too

  • Thomas Ramseyer BO must not blame the forgeigners.. he must blame the corruption in his country which he is part of.

  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Blessing Obomobo: It is clearcut why the Nigerian armed forces always are too late. Its soldiers simply do not want to die. Somehow they are even right. They are the breadwinners of their families. Once they get killed in action the army and the government are not taking care of their wives and children which means starvation and poverty to them.

    There are some small things to do which this government evidentially is not doing..

    Maybe this government is cynically thinking that given the number of Nigerians it's not that bad when some of them - be it wives, elders, children, young men you name it - are losing their lives...

    • Blessing Obomovo @BA I will not want to continue on this debate bcoz I may av to insult thomas too bcoz the whites are actually the reason why we are where we are now and he can't claim to love my country more than me. RACISM is their way of life

    • Thomas Ramseyer insult me.... i do not really care...

    • Thomas Ramseyer @ Blessing Obomovo: since 1960 the Brfits have left Nigeria with a lot of Infrastructure; roads, railways, upstream facilities, schools, houses. For buying 1 USD you needed only 50 Kobo (half a Naira) Now for buying one USD you need 170 Naira. This is the result of corruption as well as ignorance. Look at the roads, the Nigerian governments let them deteriorate...

    • Thomas Ramseyer and now start the discussion about slave trade... get yourslef informed... the black people fought other tribes, abducted their people brought them to the coast and sold them to slave traders right there. The white people did not even have to intrude the country. You did it yoursleves, you sold your own people. You hear me....