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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NIGERIA - chosing the next president will be crucial for the future of Nigeria

Dear Benjamin, I think we need to discuss this. If we (igbos) are to produce the next president, who is the best candid and why?
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  • Benjamin Amaechi Matt: I have always said that if the current economic status of the tribes that have ruled for over 50 years is the benefit of tribal presidency...then we dont need will only make us lazy...we need good leadership to trigger an Ndigbo commonwealth ...targeted at moving the standards of the average igbos up..i have always said we could create an economic Biafra within a Political Nigeria
  • Matt Chinazo Ikeowa Kudos! God bless you my brother
  • Thomas Ramseyer It is my strong believe that it is not important to elect a president because of his ethnic background. It must be all about skills, experience, knowledge, foreign country experience, economic experience, job experience in Nigeria with a vast variety of contacts all over the country.

    It is not a matter of religion, not a matter of where the president comes from, not a matter of political party nor who is supporting him for that person's own particular interest.

    It really is the matter of leading the country to the betterment of its population of the majority of the population. His goal must be establishing an economic friendly environment, maintain adequate relationship with various countries - not focussing on only one or two, because you never know when they drop your country for their own egocentric reason - , create export markets, create infrastructure on Nigerian soil, force the foreign countries to found joint ventures (51% Nigerian owners, 49% foreign owners, the Chinese style when letting US and EU into their country), force them to construct factories, to transfer knowledge, skills and science by employing portential Nigerians - craftsmen, officers, managers, scientists of all sort, build up trust of Nigerian leaders "big shots" in Nigeria for repatriating their money from abroad to be invested in joint ventures to be going public after a decent time (the primary investors will be able to make a lot of money if they took care of the development of the relevant company... and... so on....

    It is my opinion that there are people which would suit the presidency very well. He is there. all you have to do is to spot him, ask him and if he agrees you must support him by a huge modern campaign using all democratic way... mainly the new style of communication... Internet and internet literate people, which is the youth ... (look at all those graduates roaming idly about the streets.. the party scene, clubs, restaurants, cinemas.... just busy doing nothing.... nothing at all... but waiting for some government to arrange something for them....