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Monday, June 9, 2014

facebook - former Governor of the Central Bank of NIgeria becomes 14th Emir of Kano - thread kicked of by Benjamin Amaechi

There is no need to fight..if you dont agree with me ..simply unfriend me...GEJ is a disaster,,,,this SLS case is a calamity..lets leave it at that...dont lets us fight... time will tell..i am a Nigerian and i love my country and all its its stubborn headed citizens...time wil tell will undertand my position
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  • Remi Hassan Oga Ben, how can you love that hellhole?! Fake one niejerrijja must disintegrate! #Justbringbackmyyorubamotherlandnow!#
  • Benjamin Amaechi Remi: i tire o\
  • Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri What I do understand is why is Sanusi a bad choice? How is it a calamity? BA: you have to start giving us reasons
  • Abubakar Hussaini Manzo When Late Sanusi was dethroned by Sardauna and replaced by Muhammad Inuwa as Emir there was riot in Kano,when Late Ado Bayero became Emir of Kano there was protest as to why can't the house of Sanusi have it back,now SLS is the Emir there is protest ...See More
  • Penshd Ibiminji Darego Ur lead post is nor surprise... Just ride on......
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  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Benjamin Amaechi: unfriending is never a solution. all you are wisely kicking off is the expression of different even opposing opinions. It is all about awareness and the freedom and right of speech. only people running out of words start to fight even kill.

    there is no need to talk about Sanusi being a bad choice because he has been chosen. All people have to do is coping with the situation and contribute as much as possible to better the situation of all people.

    They must forget about tradition. If they don't, they will never achieve.

    Fighting a situation given by passive resistance, sabotage, mobbing, intrigue and machination due to disappointed but camouflaged to care about tradition is NOT productive and keeps a country or a region from prospering.

    All those discussions are leading people to collateral battle-fields. The effect thereof is a sort of friction loss. Or in other words... those people are busy doing nothing.

    Sanusi is specialized in the finance sector. He is a former governor of the central bank of Nigeria. The only reason why he was forced to step down (actually he got sacked by GEJ) was that he insisted on asking questions about the where-abouts of Billions of USD of Oil proceeds constantly trickling away overseas.

    Sanusi has an excellent knowledge of big picture economy as well as the international finance sector.

    It is indicated to do the best about it.

    You never know what Sanusi is keeping in his mind. Maybe he will influence the University of Kano to become a centre of excellence in worldwide financial matters as well as banking and finance and national economy (big picture country economic book-keeping)

    I reckon his goal is overall prosperity not only his own.
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  • Calvin Nice Leave GEJ out of this, make your point .
  • Kingsley Arinzechukwu Nwokolo Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's selection or imposition is the APC's trademark. This APC, you haven't seen anything yet. God save Nigeria.
  • Godswill Orobosheri Thomas will he do that with the stolen billions from the CBN coffers?
  • Basheer Bello Kakara My brother Don Vex abeg take am easy. Friend or Unfriend we dey here with you Sir, We shall keep on agreeing and disagreeing. We dey here with you ooooh.
  • Thomas Ramseyer @ calvin Nice: why leave GEJ out of this and make my point: I made a lot of points, dear Calvin Nice. Also it is common knowledge as to why Sanusa was sacked by GEJ. This is a fact. Read news and use your brain to think. It is not meant for decoration.
    Lamido Sanusi, the ousted governor of the central bank of Nigeria and one of the most outspoken critics of President Goodluck Jonathan’s record on corruption, has been appointed as the emir of Kano, the second highest Islamic authority in the

    ‘’The Emir of Kano is the second most-influential of Nigeria’s triumvirate of Muslim leaders: at the top is the Sultan of Sokoto and number three is the Shehu of Borno.All three traditional Muslim monarchs are
    custodians of Islam and lead clerics in their areas. They have also been seen as key figures bridging the often fractious divide between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. Internationally-respected Sanusi brings a high profile to the role and has previously been unafraid to challenge the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. His suspension was widely seen as politically motivated because his highlighting of graft had earned him powerful enemies’’. - The Vanguard!

    Yesterday, without waiting for the emirate to announce the winner, PDP secretary and clueless Jonathanians based on a fake story ran to town jubilating that SLS did not win. PDP national publicity secretary even sent congratulatory message to another man and jubilated that SLS did not win.

    Today hear what those clueless guys have to say after discovering that their foolishness has been so exposed ‘’The Emir of Kano is not bigger than the President or the institution of the presidency. The Emir of Kano may be influential, but he has no lawful jurisdiction outside Kano’’...Jonathanians

    Those empty heads have tested once again the political sagacity of the north and they have seen once again that they are Clueless People.

    As I said earlier, now that SLS is the new Emir of Kano, Jonathanians should jump into the lagoon, because SLS is their worst nightmare. GEJ's Albatross!

    Again PDP has proved that it is behind Boko Haram by instigating riots after their plan failed. These shameless guys in Abuja who are bent on destroying Nigeria are yet in their dream while the reality is that SLS is now their Emir of Kano. He is the most qualified and Kano people made the right choice.

    Now who says the Emir of Kano isn’t powerful
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  • Thomas Ramseyer @ Godswill Orobosheri: Sanuis did NOT steal any millions from the CNB coffers. You must learn how the central bank is operating. Where the money from oil enters in the first place. Only then you may talk. As I told Calvin Nice: your head is for thinking not for decoration only. So does your brain.
  • Thomas Ramseyer It seems that in Nigeria it is all about religion or about tribes... It is never about the skills and the knowledge of a person.